Monday, October 30, 2023

In Case of Emergency

 Momma has these tubes everywhere.  One in the car, one in the diaper bag and one on my crate door.  Seems they serve a houses our basic info and information for our people if something bad were to happen.  They have Colonial Park Vet, Doggy Nanny and Aunt Net's phone number.  Thats kinda nifty!

Anyhoo...if you have a pup be mindful and update your pets ICE stuff and their microchip info on the database.  You never know when youll need it.  


Sunday, October 29, 2023

Toppl? Treats?

 Ok so Poppy got this cool bowl for dinner.  Once she was done I snatched it and OMD!  There was wet food and kibble pieces in here.  It was so good.  Poppy only left me crumbs but it gave momma ideas.  

The next night she filled it for me!  

Om Nom Nom!


And so much more fun to play with my food than eat from a regular bowl.


Saturday, October 28, 2023

Our First Bye Bye Ride Forevers!

 When momma hurt her back....and then fell again and bruised up her knee she didn't feel like she was able to balance well enough to walk, use her cane, and hold on to us so we got left alone alot.  It was not fun.  But one night momma needed to talk to Doggy Nanny and well she was feeling brave so....she said we is GOING BYE BYE!

Waiting by the gate.


We need to head out.

Momma this is no time for pics.


Thats our exit....


We have arrived.

What you mean Doggy Nanny isn't home yet????

Doggy Nanny is always home isn't she???

Once inside we played, sniffed, hunted lost treats, and borked at squirrels while momma, Doggy Nanny and Aunt Net talked.  

Then I fell asleep in mommas arms.


Poppy and Cora

Friday, October 27, 2023

Creating Works of Art

 Since we got Coras art piece back we have been decorating everything with ourselves.

We have them framed above mommas desk.

On a iphone wallpaper.

and with a garbage can for mommas email.  

Poppy and Cora

Permanent Bed Head

 Yes Poppy I did has a good nap. 

Why do you ask?

Is my hairs a mess agains?

Oh well....its the breed trait.  Gotta love permanent bed head.


What Have We Here?

 Seems we have an open container of doggie treats and chew chews.  I think Ill help myself!

Drat the bags are puppy proof.  I did get some nom noms before momma closed the bag back up!


Thursday, October 26, 2023

I'm Nekkid

 Momma insists I am going to wear keep me "warm" and "snuggly".  However I don't like them so any chance I get I take them off...


Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Update to the Cora Update

Previously I wrote: Date 9-22-23 (for context since we are scheduled out in blog content for a while).  Cora Cora...Cocoa Bean...You are supreme!  This little girl has really been a tough nut to crack.  She likes me and trusts me but will not come sit with me.  Maybe thats because I clean her ears out, check her teeth, mess with her paws and she is 4 years old.  She is actually, now that I think about it, the oldest dog I have adopted.  So I know that this is a big life change for her.  I will admit with a job change and an injury I haven't been in dog training/bonding mode.  So that parts on me fully.  However now 2 months later she is starting to let me pet her freely and on occasion coming up to my chair and allowing me to pick her up.  I always make it a fun experience and give her treats.  

(10-2-23) As of today things have changed....for the better.  Since getting the new air conditioner our house has been quite chilly (thank you landlords).  So I have been covering up and snatched the girls fluffy blanket.  When I did Cora was in shock.  She came up to me and started pawing at me....I stared at her, lifted the covers and in my lap she went.  Now she is a lap baby.  We are bonding and I couldn't be happier.  She is so polite about it too.  She is still shy to let me pick her up or come (with the exception of going to the car...she walks side by side with me and will let me pick her up once the car door is open) when called but we are on the right track.  

(10-20-23) Still doing well on Cora and I building trust.  I realized I didn't buy treats like I used to cause Poppy was never one to eat treats as much as Lucy.  So I barely had any on hand and or the ones I did have were old and stale.  I got a new bag of bacon treats and moist biljac treats to start working on Cora coming when called in the house.  She loves the game.  I guess with losing Lucy, my fall, and then losing my granddad I just lost my training mojo.  I have it back now and we are having fun.  

-Katie the Momma

I Trust Momma!!!!!

 When the ac blasted the apartmnet into the frozen tundra momma was getting cold at night and snatched out big fuzzy blankie.  Now I do sleep in my kennel, on the bed and well wherever I find comfiest.  But with the ac blowing cold and momma stealing our blankie I had to have a little bit of faith and trust momma.  So I walked up tapped her on the arm and well....I like being a lap puppy. 

Momma still sometimes checks my ears, checks my teeth and picks my eye boogers....

...but the majority of the time she just gives rubs!  and I sleep soundly in her arms.

On occassion I do feel a odd glare...but maybe I was just dreaming.



 Whew that new ac unit is so cold I gotta stay tucked in no matter what!

And you know what...

I love it!  


Tuesday, October 24, 2023

I'm Being Drawn by an Artist!

Oh my dog I...I...Don't know what to think.  This is a furry magical thing.  Miss @diccha99 on Instagram is drawing me so I have a matching print just like sissy and Angel Lucy.  I am honored!  Here is the first rough draft.

Pup-date!  She enlarged my ears and added lots of little details.  I love it!

Pupdate!  Color check.  EEK!  Its simply adorbs!

Pupdate!  Changed background color so I would pop better.  

Pupdate!  Last check before shading.

Shading done!

Ta Da!

We made this for mommas phone.  Featuring all mommas girls.  Angel Lucy sits at the rainbow bridge looking over us!!!



AC Change Out

 So our AC unit was not cooling effectively.  Our wonderful landlords were kind enough to replace it.  Thanks!

Upon entry I was furry scared and hid between momma and Poppy.

I got this Cora.  You stay there.  Ill keep watch.

Ooh scarry tools!

Momma kept me on leash.  Per momma I was "rude" by borking at the landlords. 

Why must I always be setting a good example for my baby sissy?  

 But momma got her self together and finally pulled out treats and I was the "best" girl.  I used my manners and each time I looked at the landlords and looked back at momma I got a treat.  by this time Cora was long gone and under the bed hiding.  We are so thankful to have a nice cold blowing ac unit again.  We are blessed.