Friday, October 20, 2023

OOOH! We are in TROUBLE!!!!!

 Momma came home to find me in my doggie bed......however that doggie bed was in the middle of the floor and not in my lair.  Which she found suspicious.  

Oh momma just don't think so hard!  Nothings wrong!

However the piles of chewed wrappers....

...told a different story.

Not to mention the empty and wrapper-less can in the middle of the floor.

I attempted to hid the evidence while momma was cleaning up the rest of the mess...

But she found it in my lair.  Snap peas!  I need to find better spots.


Note from the momma: I threw away a small portion of wet food they didn't finish I have no idea how they got it out of the trash.  Alas they are resourceful little buggers.  

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