Thursday, April 30, 2020

Yard Time Shenanigans

We visited Doggy Nanny, Grandpa and Aunt Gracie.  We gave them lots of love and kisses.  We also had some fun off leash time in the yard. I took off full speed checking every inch of the yard for bugs to roll on.

Meanwhile Lucy thought she was being sneaking and going to lie in wait to catch me.  Um Lucy the grass isn't tall enough for you to hide in and with that color fur you could be spotted a mile away.

Lucy and Poppy

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Bitey Face Had Aunt Gracie On Her Tippy toes

 I felt in a bitey face mood so I did my signature poodle roll.

That gets Poppy everytime.

Ah my neck!

Uncle Teddy was on the edge of his seat....

...and Aunt Gracie was on her tippy toes watching our bitey face game.

Per usual Poppy thinks she won...but I clearly out maneuvered her.


Tuesday, April 28, 2020


Here is our latest tiktok.  If you want to join tag us on insta, fb or tiktok. 

While Poppy filmed I was super bored!  zzzZZZzzzZZZzzz


Introducing Uncle Teddy

A few weeks back Aunt Lynette had to say that final good bye to her beloved Kia.  RIP and Run Free sweet Kia.

Not long after during some bad storms a little pup got lost.  A rescue up in OK picked him up but they weren't able to find his owners.  So he became available for adoption.  Aunt Kim knew Aunt Lynette was looking to add a new pup to her home and told her about him.  And well....Introducing Uncle Teddy!

We gave each other a good quality sniffing.

He is a shy guy...

....but he is a fun pup!

Afterwards we sniffed around the yard together.

Meeting new family is sure tiring!

Since we don't know much about his background its up for debate what breed he is.  We are thinking pug and wirehair dachshund mix.  Aunt Lynette things Peke, pug, dachshund.  We would love to know your opinions.

Lucy and Poppy

Monday, April 27, 2020

Muttley Grooming Live Stream

I were watching Miss Faith's (Muttley Dog Grooming) Live on Facebook.  I asked her how Lucy really acts during grooming.  I truly wanted to know as she is the biggest pain in the butt for me.  LOL  Faith paused,  laughed and said she was good but whenever Lucy didn't want to do something she would roll over and she don't particularly like my paws messed with.  It doesn't hurt my feelings knowing that my dog is a brat, I am well aware.  Its interesting to know how she is for others.  I appreciate Miss Fiath being honest.


New Routine Wif My New Cozy Cave

Most mornings once momma is in "get ready for work" mode Lucy and I squish together in the kitchen bed awaiting our daily treats.  This morning however I was in my cozy cave!

Treat time!

Happy Monday Frens!

Live from the Cozy Cave

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Surprise 4 Day Weekend and A Trip To The Oil Place

Recently momma surprised us with a 4 day weekend.  First things first we loaded up to do a very impawtant errand.

We stopped by the All American Express here in town for an oil change.

This is the location that does the drive thru oil changes so we get to watch the whole process from the comfort of the carseat.

First we checked in and told the nice attendant the current milage.

I assumed my favorite position for optimal viewing.

Hi friend!

Wow who knew there were so many bits and bobs under the hood. 

Ooh he is getting some sort of hose. 

Filling this

Results were all our fluids looked ok.  Filter was a bit dirty but nothing to be concerned with just something to think about replacing by the next oil change.

While they input everything in the computer and ran our payment we did a little game of bitey face.


*tap tap*

Ooh this looks like shredding material.

Please give!

 Apparently she has to keep it in tact and stuck on the window for reference.  As soon as I get the chance I will nab it and shred it.  BOL!

Lucy and Poppy

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Cat Like Behavior

Every Friday when momma gets home from work she strips me nekkie!  As soon as the jam jams come off I get right to licking.  Momma says I act like a cat cleaning myself.


Friday, April 24, 2020

Cozy Cave Bitey Face

After my inspection and interpretive dance Lucy took a turn in the cozy cave.

Oh no...

I bet she thinks...

...Yep she thinks its for Blankie Monster.

The bulge is her face.

She is waiting for someone to tap on the blankie and say "OH NO ITS A BLANKIE MONSTER".

Listen here sisfur this is for snoozin and interperative dance not blankie monster.

I will bitey your neck!



I call uncle.

Just kidding.


Lucy and Poppy