Wednesday, April 22, 2020

2020 Vaccination Vet Visit - Corona Edition

We were awoken furry early that Friday morning and dressed in our prettiest pink attire.  Pre-trip selfie!

Momma said its vaccination day so off we went.

We have fully switched over to Simmons and Harlan Vet Clinic as our primary Veterinarian due to personal reasons.  As we passed the sign momma said we need another picture together.  I asked why she needed me in the picture.  I am not due for pokies its ONLY Lucy's visit.  Well that is when things took a sour turn.  Momma said that in an effort to streamline things I am getting my vaccination date moved up a couple weeks (we called the vet and verified it was ok) so we are on the same schedule.

  My response was this....*raspberries* and this is all she got!

What does that sign say?

"Please call from your car ###-####".  They have a new corona protocol in place where we call upon arrival and let them know you have arrived for your appointment.  We also get to stay in the car and a vet tech will come retrieve us when it is our turn. we called and we waited.

While we waited this happened.  Don't know why or how just did.

Then the tech started walking our way.

Yep he is definitely coming to our car.

I go first....please let me go first!

Before I could jump out the window to the nice vet tech...momma had to babble on about how this is my fist visit here, my previous vet care records are in this envelope and she had a note with questions for the dogtor since she couldn't come in with me. 

It took so long I had to lie down.  Seriously momma your embarrassing me!

Then my dream came true a hooman put his arms out and I was allowed to be whisked away!  Hi friend I'm Lucy.  Whats your name?  Do you have puppies?  Do you like poodles?

Where is he taking her?!!?  He is bringing her back right?!!?

About 10 minutes later they brought Lucy back to us.

Snap-apples I just realized that it means I am next.

I don't want a POKIE!!!!!!!

Momma passed me off backwards so I couldn't karate kick him like I did grandpa and off I went.

While Poppy was away I celebrated and told momma how much fun I had finally getting to go crawl out the window and go bye bye wif a hooman.

Color me excited!!!!!!

Ooh Its Poppy....She doesn't look happy.  She definitely has RSF!

Momma paid our bill and the nice tech said Dr. Simmons would be out in a moment to discuss the questions momma had put in her note.

Dr Simmons went over mommas concerns.  He checked my knees.  They are about a grade 2.  They are able to be popped out and popped back in place with relative ease.  Its subjective as to the grade but he didn't feel they were very bad.  Last year at CPV I was at a grade 1 but again its subjective to the dogtor.  He said we shouldn't be concerned as I haven't had any problems as of recent.  (Tap on wood).  He mentioned it is fine to stay on benedryl during allergy season.  With my severe allergy attacks I can get a rx as needed called Apoquel.  Its not a steriod so I wouldn't have to taper on/off (meaning less medicine / pill administration)  and it has less side effects (vs steroids) however its stronger than just plain benedryl for those severe attacks.  He also mentioned I wouldn't need another office visit momma could pick up a 3 day supply.  Dr. Simmons was very thorough and helpful.  It put momma at ease getting these things checked.

After our visit we put on our play clothes and house collars.

Then Momma asked a furry impawtant question....Do Ya Wanna Go To GRACIES!

Hot diggity doggie....


Lucy and Poppy


  1. Oh boy, Lucy, you were SO happy to get to go out the window with a human!

  2. Our vets aren't doing routine services yet. Which is ok for us as Phod doesn't need to go until July.