Saturday, April 11, 2020

Wal-Mart Grocery Pick Up Corona Edition

So in our last blog we told you we had errands to run.  Well this was it.  Its been quite a chore to get groceries with the hoomans panic buying.  We switched stores to one about a mile further out and they actually had stuff (per the app).  Here is our adventure.  We took the scenic route through the country club area.  Never in our life have we seen so many hoomans going for walks.  Literally every quarter mile there was another hooman.  Some with dogs, some with tiny hoomans, some all alone jamming out to their ipods. 

Upon arrival we noticed a line forming.  Odd.  Upon closer inspection....every single parking spot for grocery pick up was full and there was a line 5 deep (when we arrived) and 8 deep before people started leaving with their orders.  I took the front row seat to watch it all.  We are next momma.

Hoping and praying we got all our stuffs.  

Everything picked as ordered?  Great news!  Thanks!

Bye frens!

Lucy and Poppy

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