Thursday, December 31, 2020

Top 9 Instagram Photos

 2020 has been wild.  Here are our Top 9 posts on Instagram. 

Until next year,


Grocery Run

 I have found a love of sitting by mommas window checking out the occupants during our grocery runs lately. 

On this particular run I met a furiend.  He was a lab/shepherd mix.  Super adorbs!!!!  We exchanged a few sniffs.  

Meanwhile Lucy was in her usual spot.  Upon the dash denting her topknot.  

Yes ma'am I saw my substitutions. 

Just put them in the back please and thank you.

Momma was so proud I didn't bork or freak out.  



Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Crazy Texas Weather

 One day its a nice 78 degrees then the next is 40 degrees with high winds.  Simply miserable!!!

However even if I have to wear 3 layers I must remain fashionable.  And an Angel Mollie-hand-me-down fleece lined wind breaker is a perfect match for my heart pjs.  

PS I submitted this photo for the AKC Canine Partners Winter Wear Contest.  Crossed Paws I get featured. 



Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Christmas Cards

Our family had a great tradition on holidays past to play cards.  Seems since they moved to Texas that hasent happened much and I wanted to play again.  So we gathered up pups, people, cards and got to shuffling!

Oh boy its going to be tough getting a run out of this set of cards.

Buy!  I need that card. 

Lucy I was going to buy that!

Sorry I am ahead of you...Meaning its mine.  


My turn.  Anybody need a 3 of hearts?

Midgame Lucy passed out.

Then all heck broke loose and all manners were out da window when I saw the queen of hearts discarded.

I hollered RUMMY!!!!!  That card would have played. 

Then in a spur of the moment decision for wags and giggles Gracie jumped up on the table to join me.

Alright now this is getting out of paw.  Lets get down.  I called my rummy.

No Lucy we don't need you up heres too!

Move sissy so I can hop down.

Crazy pups!

After a few hands I was able to snag the birds eye view seat.  Much better!!!

Yes Doggy Nanny
 I want to buy that 4 of spades.

As the final rounds were coming to a close I seem to have drifted off.... had Lucy.  

By the end of hand 12 in game 2 I was the winner with a score of all 0's.  Whoop Whoop!!!!!

Until next year...


Poppy - Card Shark!

Monday, December 28, 2020

Christmas Dinner

Our Christmas morning started of wif baths.  Eww!

But momma said we are going to Doggy Nannys house so it was alright in the end.  

Upon arrival we went out and inspected the yard for squirrels, did our business, and you will never guess what I saw.

A Christmas Troll

and a Christmas Elf!

BOL!  After a bit I started thinking about all the foods Doggy Nanny was preparing and my tumbly was getting a rumbly!

Then I heard Aunt Net say "It's ready!"

We all went direct to the source, Doggy Nanny, for the pre-supper taste test. (ps teddy is there too....hes just a bit short and standing behind gracie who is tall.) 

While everything was being plated, we handed out our gifts, got the table set,

And the feast was laid out.  

I found this suspiciously empty seat and claimed it as my own.  But Doggy Nanny wasn't fooled.  I was evicted as soon as Grandpa came to the table.  

We were fed well never you fear!  


Sunday, December 27, 2020

Princess Poppy

 Only at Doggy Nannys can you get this level of comfy.  2 fluffy fuzzy blankets on the little swivel chair.  



Saturday, December 26, 2020

Puzzle Time!

Whatever bug bit momma and got her organizing has really worked in my favor.  We pulled out all my puzzles and they are in this handy tote on the kitchen counter for easy access.  Now she has no reason not to fill one or two or three up for a day of mental stimulation for me!!!    

1st day here is what she got loaded up before work on Monday.  My dog games double tray star and the Toys R Us Petsmart Puzzle.  

Little bits of jerky and liver treats.

All closed up and ready to be worked.

Lucy youre crazy.  Just act sad and cry momma will gives you what you want.  No need to exert the extra energy for that!  There are squirrels to catch silly!

Day 2's selection. The Dog Games star difficulty increased.  The Petsmart toys r us paw doors. 

and Day 3.



Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas 2020

As Christmas tradition we set out the cookies and milk for Santa Claus.

By morning the milk was drank and cookies eaten.  Left in their place were these from dear Santa Claus.  Our own bag of training treats.  

Just what we wanted.  You can never go wrong with a training treat!

Thank you Santa!