Monday, December 14, 2020

Visiting Santa Claus

I am sporting my fanciest collar with the tartan bow for my visit with Santa.  Off we Go momma!

The moment I sat on Santas lap the guilt gut struck again!  Thinking back over this year I have had a few naughty moments....breaking into a bag of dog food....chewing on mommas purse...the stolen bully sticks....slipping out of my collar to visit the neighbors and accidentally going inside their house making all the way to the living room...but I digress. Santa just chuckled.

He said I have actually been doing quite well.  We talked things through and pretty sure I am on the nice list!  

Distraction in 3...2...1...OOh friend?

Santa it was a pleasure getting to see you this year.  Same time same place 2021?  Deal!


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