Tuesday, December 15, 2020

BTS Of My Santa Visit and Meeting Buddy the Elf!

 The day finally came where I got to visit Santa.  He was being hosted by Hobo Coffee here in Wichita Falls.  I must say I truly love the decor here.  Its simply bright and simply festive!!!

Enough with pictures....lets GO!

OH MY GOSH!  Do my eyes deceive  me?

Or did I just see an elf drive by on a golf cart?

When we arrived the line was super duper long to see Santa....I mean he is SANTA after all. 

Instead of standing in line we decided to sit out back on the patio till the line shrunk.

First, as always, photos!

I love this bench.  Its not only beautiful but spreads a beautiful message.  

Next I played Hopscotch.

Last but not least we worked on manners.  I received lots of pets and good girl comments. 

*Side note a sweet lady walked up and said "I think I have seen you before."  "You had another dog with you and I saw you sitting up on the dashboard."  Yes ma'am that definitely was me!  I do love sitting on the dashboard to people watch.  I bet this was the sweet person that saw us at walmart grocery pick up just a few days ago.  She video chatted about Poppy.  BOL  Small World.

After a bit I started hearing Christmas music getting louder and louder....

...I looked over my shoulder and...

...what do I see but the ELF!!!!!!!  I asked if he would take a picture with me and.....

...He said "Sure."  *Excitement overload*


Did you get the picture momma?  

I can't believe I met a real life ELF!  He is taller than I imagined but also so much sweeter!



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