Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Christmas Cards

Our family had a great tradition on holidays past to play cards.  Seems since they moved to Texas that hasent happened much and I wanted to play again.  So we gathered up pups, people, cards and got to shuffling!

Oh boy its going to be tough getting a run out of this set of cards.

Buy!  I need that card. 

Lucy I was going to buy that!

Sorry I am ahead of you...Meaning its mine.  


My turn.  Anybody need a 3 of hearts?

Midgame Lucy passed out.

Then all heck broke loose and all manners were out da window when I saw the queen of hearts discarded.

I hollered RUMMY!!!!!  That card would have played. 

Then in a spur of the moment decision for wags and giggles Gracie jumped up on the table to join me.

Alright now this is getting out of paw.  Lets get down.  I called my rummy.

No Lucy we don't need you up heres too!

Move sissy so I can hop down.

Crazy pups!

After a few hands I was able to snag the birds eye view seat.  Much better!!!

Yes Doggy Nanny
 I want to buy that 4 of spades.

As the final rounds were coming to a close I seem to have drifted off....

...as had Lucy.  

By the end of hand 12 in game 2 I was the winner with a score of all 0's.  Whoop Whoop!!!!!

Until next year...


Poppy - Card Shark!

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