Monday, December 28, 2020

Christmas Dinner

Our Christmas morning started of wif baths.  Eww!

But momma said we are going to Doggy Nannys house so it was alright in the end.  

Upon arrival we went out and inspected the yard for squirrels, did our business, and you will never guess what I saw.

A Christmas Troll

and a Christmas Elf!

BOL!  After a bit I started thinking about all the foods Doggy Nanny was preparing and my tumbly was getting a rumbly!

Then I heard Aunt Net say "It's ready!"

We all went direct to the source, Doggy Nanny, for the pre-supper taste test. (ps teddy is there too....hes just a bit short and standing behind gracie who is tall.) 

While everything was being plated, we handed out our gifts, got the table set,

And the feast was laid out.  

I found this suspiciously empty seat and claimed it as my own.  But Doggy Nanny wasn't fooled.  I was evicted as soon as Grandpa came to the table.  

We were fed well never you fear!  


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