Monday, December 21, 2020

Slumber Pawty 2020 P.6

We left off yesterday after the text was received that grandpa, doggy nanny and Net were on their way home.  We packed up our stuff, loaded the car and sat by the window waiting for the headlights to hit the driveway.  I about wiggled out of my fur waiting on everyone to get in the house.  

It felt so good to be back in the arms of Doggy Nanny.  Oh she just gives the best scratches evers!

Once things calmed down and the hoomans were babbling about stuffs we started getting tired.


We crashed.

Everyone was out cold!


We have one more post to complete our Slumber Pawty 2020 series.  We did an official Slumber Pawty Photo Shoot.  Do you think momma got a picture of all 4 dogs?  Be sure to check back tomorrow.  



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