Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Poppy Christmas Photo Prep & Bloopers

 It all started back in early September.  Momma is part of the Walmart Spark Reviewers and she got the opportunity to review some Christmas decor.  When she saw the unicorn she knew it would be perfect. When it arrived we got right to the photo shoot. 

We chose our spot by the rocks. 

Got dressed in my unicorn finest.

Let's do this!

Once on location I made sure treats were readily available.

Blooper Time:

Thinking about the treats I saw in mommas bag.

Its the beggin strips with cheese....oh yum!

Suspicious....I feel someone is watching.  (remember this.....youll see why later in the post)


ooh BUG!

Was that a dove?

I am pretty sure that was a dove.

Aww there he is!

Wait what was I doing?

Post photo shoot.  Look who was watching me the whole time....

That stinky cat!  Rude...just plain rude!



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