Thursday, August 31, 2023

Getting Used to the Doggy Nanny House

 So I was really unsures about this Doggy Nannys house place.  It was awful big....and gracie is awful big compared to lil ol me.  But ya know we spent a good chunk of the weekend there and well this place is growing on me.  I always start out parroting on mommas shoulder.  

But I gots brave and borked at a person on a hover board.

Then I got cuddles from momma....

....Don't stop!

Sissy and I teamed up to bork at the hoverboarders and look our tail feathers connected.  We are as one.  

No momma I wasn't gonna jump in the the basket of clean laudry spilling it all over the floor like a heathen.  Why would you ask. 

After that momma got the blankie down for us and we cuddled.  Ahh soft just like the one at home.

Then you will never believe what happened.  Doggy nanny said can the girls have "turkies".  Momma said yes.  I have never heard of the turkies before.  OH MY DOG it smells so good.  Tastes even better.  Thank you Doggy Nanny!

That looked like a lot for a girl her size....did she eat it all?  If not Ill help her!

Yes Poppy I little girl wif big appitite. I feel sleepies now.  We cuddled more while Doggy Nanny and momma talked.  

Then we were home.  Back to my Lair!


Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Poppy Taught Me The Art of Spying on the Neighbors

 I love sunnin in the yard.

But when Poppy alerts....I try and help.

I love peeking under the fence.  

No momma I no sneaks away.

Oh no....

Its the Chihuahuas next door....

...Gotta go!

Bork Patrol!

Rechecking the first alert spot.

Everythings good back to sunnin.

Hi momma.

OH NO!  German Shepherd!  Poppy literally leaping into action!


Imma be just like Poppy when I get big!


Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Finding my Bork in the Car and its HOT HOT HOT!

 Im really liking this car stuff.  We went out to grab dog food at Petsmart.  Then People foods for momma.  

It sure is hotter here in Texas than in Oklahoma.  

Like 106+ daily for days on end.  

But the ac in the soul works well.  Mother the little one is encroaching on my turf. 

Grrr BORKS!  I big scary dog.....


Think I scared the peoples away from the car?

Patrol Pups!