Friday, August 4, 2023

Getting Chipped and A City License

Well...momma decided that we needed to go right away to the Animal Services to get me Microchipped and registered with the city.  This momma is certainly weird.  Shes obsessed with mean things.  And we had to get Josie checked as well.  

We arrived at the Animal Services Center at 515.  Apparently we had an appointment.

 This is a big old place for lil old me!

Neither Josie or I knew how to walk so since we were both so petite we got to ride in the carrier together.  I kind of liked it.  I was protected.  Its kind of like a bubble.  Well we got me all registered and my paperwork was all good...well except for the fact that the shawnee vet clinic said we lived in Wichita Kansas not Wichita Falls Texas but the ASC ladies were furry understanding.  But youll never guess what happened.  They plucked me from my carrier....but this huge leash around my neck and stole me from momma.  Then they poked me in the back.  I screamed!  Momma was almost crying too.  It was not nice and not fun.  I never wants to come back here again.  But momma said a Micro chip is what helps gets missing pets home.  But it hurts.  

I got a rag to put on my boo boo and by the time we got back to the car it stopped bleeding.  I then was sniffing my way through the paperwork.  

So many things to learn.  I have to get registered with the microchip company.

I have to be registered every three years with my rabies vaccine. 

Wow momma there are lotsa laws here concerning puppers.

Am I fully legal and done now.  

I am?  Oh boy!!!!!!  

Well here are all my new bravery badges.  



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