Friday, August 4, 2023

We Made It Home

 At this point we did have three dogs...including the little Shihtzu.  But that was the previous post.  Here is how it went with me arriving home.  

I immediately followed Poppy up the ramp to the big bed.  Its furry comfies up here.  

The next thing I know I was soaking wet and in the sink.


I not sure I likes you any mores.

Ya rude!

Just plain rudes!

The next morning we all went out for business.  Did well.  

Momma sweet talked me all morning.

So I guess I kinda like her again.

Then we all cuddled up on the bed so momma could go to work.

All three of us were pee pad trained and momma came home to no accidents on the floor.  Only pee pee on the pads.  We all went outside and did our other business.  Momma was so proud.

Borks and Squeaks, 


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