Tuesday, August 1, 2023

I Got Promoted To Big Sisfur - Introducing Coraline

  After  losing Lucy our house felt empty.  Lucy was a big presence in not just our life but everyones life that she met.  Well we came across a little hairless dog needing a home.  We messaged the owner and she had a couple cresties that were looking for homes.  We asked if she had any little girls and well sure enough she did have one little girl named Cora.   

This is the first picture we saw of her.

We pondered over it, talked to the land lords, talked to doggy nanny and well....after many weeks of deliberation we decided to pull the trigger.  I gathered up my old puppy stuff and a tiny tag for her to borrow.  

It was a long trip from Wichita Falls TX to Shawnee OK but it was so exciting to drive through the big city and sniff the OK grass.  Feels like home.  BOL.  Here is the run down of the trip:  We left Wichita Falls at 1130 am on a blistering hot July day.  Rocking out to good music followed by a couple good hour long podcasts.  

Got the diaper bag and a carset ready for baby sisfur.

Not too long and we were officialy in OK.

We passed Warika where I first met momma and Lucy.  Oh the memories.

We stopped half way in Chickasha for a pee break.

Lets go momma...we gots a sissy to pick up!

Momma you sure thats the right one...theres like a billion highways....and a billion signs!

Oh ok...east...yes thats the way we go.

A bit later we hit OKC.  We saw the Amazon warehouses...which btw was totally cool.  

Everything went smooth as far as getting to Oklahoma, through the big city and off to Shawnee for the meeting spot.  The only hiccup was we were meeting at a Dollar Tree....but there were two dollar trees and Coras mom went to one we went to the other.  BOL.  We made a mad dash across the way to the mall and found the car we were looking for with a little hairless doggie in the front seat.  Coras momma walked her over to us and to our surprise she was super tinies.  Like less than half my size.  She was basically a mouse.  But a cute mouse.  After a few kisses momma placed her in the carseat.  

She posed for a pic....

Cora...you gotta get those ears up...or momma won't let us go.  There ya go little one.  

She then promptly tried to escape.

Momma put her back in the carseat and placed all her belongings in the floor.  We are officially a 2 hairless dog home.  More on the next blog.....its a wild ride for sure. 

Borks and Squeaks,

Poppy and Coraline

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