Saturday, August 26, 2023

Reuniting with Rumi - My First Born

 As some of you may know I had my 1st and only litter of pups when I was under a year old.  I had 2 little boys.  After a couple weeks I developed a bad infection and was seperated from them for a while.  Soon after they went to their new homes....I got a new home.  And well as luck would have it through our chinese crested group (about a year or so ago now) I saw a picture of who I though was me.....but I didn't have blue jam jams.  I showed momma and she was like yea hun thats not you.  So we messaged the OP and low and behold this little male pup with very unique eyes was living in OKC and was rehomed from an individual who got him from a breeder.  Long story short after leaving our original breeder he went to another hobby breeder and then rehomed in OKC.  Where I saw him posted in the group.  We talk every now and again...on fb....share pics and hoped one day to meet up.  Well we found out about a week prior that Rumi and his dads were moving cross country.  So that sped things up a bit.  We finally worked out a day 2 days before their departure.  

Here is how it went.  We met at Doggy Nannys house.  Oh my dog you have changed so much since I have seen you.  

You are so tall!

Let me get up here so I can sniff and see you better.

Turns out he loves to sniff....

...and rub on dead bugs.

Cora and I couldn't be more proud!

Then we all found this great smelling spot.

*Sniffs* x3

and hes rubbing.  

Good Job Rumi!

I think I smell something over heres.

Cora felt she had been adventurous enough and made her way back to momma.

We floated around the yard.

Crossed paths.

The pawrents talked

Shared stories...cute moments..

I still cant believe we reconnected.

Far too soon they had to get back on the road home and keep packing.

We said good byes...but before we go....

The pawrents insisted on a picture.  Yep we both give good blue eyed side eye!  Runs in the family!

And our neutral pose.  

A huge thanks goes to Rumi's pawrents.  Yall have done a fabulous job raising my boy.  And he is in such great shape.  I am so happy he is loved and care for and cherished!!!!!


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