Thursday, August 3, 2023

Lost and Found - Reuniting Josie the Lost Dog

 When we arrived home from Doggy Nanny's house we pulled into the alley a shadowy figure darted out in front of the car and the 2 huskies that are in the fence of the second house of the alley were glued to the corner of the fence.  I knew something was a miss.  I opened my door and over came a little chocolate shih tzu.  I grabbed her and she began singing to me.  I just went and picked up my new dog...had my old dog...and now had a bonus dog.  What is my life? I had to message the landlords...yea i know i just picked up my new dog but can i keep a third till we find her mom?  They joyfully said yes.  They are the sweetest.

 Luckily all dogs were neutral of each other and we all just crashed that night.  

Josie was quick to pick out her favorite spots.

The next morning we all went outside did our business and filed back in like this was normal routine.  I got ready for work and they got their brekkies.  

I came home and was greeted with three fuzzy faces.  No accidents only pee pads were used and everyone filed outside and business was taken care of.  

After work Friday I loaded up the lost pup and Cora to go to animal services.  I needed to register Cora (seperate blog on that later) and check the lost dog for a chip.

Unfortunately she didn't have a chip nor was she reported to the shelter as missing.

Off home we went.  

I was planning on leaving her there so the owner could find her but when I heard ASC had 400 dogs dropped off in 14 days I said I would keep her till the owner was found.  

Later that evening I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and an Angel appeared.  Our neighbor (and friend of the landlords) wanted to adopt if she wasn't claimed but offered to foster till the 7 day hold was up.  Around 9pm our neighbor stopped by and picked her up.  The next morning we got tagged in a paw boost post and from the pic we knew it was our girl.  I forwarded it to the nighbor and an hour later JOSIE was reuntied with her mom.  She cried and carried on.  Turns out Josie ran off during the storms the night before we found her.  Good news is the neighbor and Josies momma hit it off and our neighbor will be babysitting soon.  YEA!!!!

Katie the Momma

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