Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Another Vet Visit? Really? Why? How? What?

We got in the car as usual on a hot Friday afternoon.  No big deal.  I hopped right in the back seat just like normals.  

When I awoke I was here.  Another vet clinic.

I cried out in agony at the thought of more pokies.  But momma assured me no pokies today just getting established and something called a scription.

Dr Wurster came in and saw me.  My joints look good, I don't appear to be with puppies, overall look healthy, but my toofers are dirty.  He recommended a spay and a dental.  Momma asked about allergies and he said I could use the left over apoquels from Angel Lucy till I have a better diet and and get used to this texas heat.  Momma then asked bout that scription and spay monies.

Dr Wurster said he would be back with the info so we decided to splore this big room.

I heard a noise and got I went and sat wif momma for a second.

But wif help from sissy I got back to splorin.

Otay momma enough pictures.

Sissy is she always like dis?


Then when the technician came back in i hopped in mommas arms again.  They said the spay would be a billion paper monies and they handed me a box.  I guess that is a scription.  I dont know.

Once we got back to the car I had momma take a picture of the scription.  Anyone know what it is?


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