Wednesday, January 31, 2018

OTCWF - Basic Obedience Training Class #4 - 2018

This weeks class we had Mr. Frank as our instructor.  We worked on extending our sit/stays and down/stays.  We added figure 8's to our circles.  That was fun we each got a turn to do them for the class and used lawn chairs as our props.  Worked recall with a front sit.  Added a formal finish (where we go around the pawrent and go to a sit in heel).  We extended our sit for exam to include stands.  Momma had to loop my tummy for the stands.  Great tip Mr. Frank!  We are still having issues with the finishes where momma walks around me.    Those big feet are scary and I hop out of place.  But thats where we need to focus our practice.  Practice makes progress. Before and after class momma worked with me on staying calm while people and doggies approach.  She says I am getting better and maybe this year we can try for the CGC.

After class we stayed and talked to some of the ladies in the class.  I got to sniff Mr. Lucas a black toy poodle.  Oh he smelled fantastic!  And his haircut is super snazzy!  Its a full show coat.  And I met Finley the Chinese Crested.  He has one  blue eye and one brown eye.  Oh he was a beauty!!!!


Meeting my Uncle!

 Oh my dog we got a surprise visit from more family.  His name is Uncle Bobby.  He lives in Oklahoma.

He said he lives on a farm and guess what?!?!?!  He has chickens.  I've never seen a chicken before!  I think we may have to visit.


Sunday, January 28, 2018

#Chewy Influencer - A Day at the Park - NaturVet GCM Soft Chew Review

A new year and a new product lead to a new routine. 

 For my second #ChewyInfluencer product review I am trying out the...

... NaturVet Glucosamine DS Plus  MSM & Chondroitin LVL2 Dog & Cat Soft Chews, 120-count.

Ahh the park, a lovely place to spend the day and do a Chewy review. 

But first let's PLAY!

Weee!  Weee!

Can I play in the sand? (*)

That was fun!

Now you know how much I love to run, jump and play.  Well when momma saw these in the chewy email list she said these would help me stay feeling my best and help my joints.  I was a little unsure as it seems like medicine and well you all know my stance on medicine.  I have been known to give momma the silent treatment for weeks when she gave me my heartworm pill.    

But now that I am a big girl and wanting to keep myself in top preforming condition I decided to try it out.

So lets take a quick peak at the specs.  

Recommended to support healthy hip and joint function. Helps to maintain joint flexibility and alleviate minor aches and discomfort associated with daily exercise.

Key Benefits
Formulated to maintain joint flexibility and support healthy hip and joint function in adult pets, including large breed and overweight pets
Fortified with Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM to help support the structural integrity of joints and connective tissues
Contains important antioxidants to help protect against free radicals that cause cellular damage
Helps alleviate aches and discomfort associated with daily exercise
Time release formula in an easy to administer chewable tab

Active Ingredients
Glucosamine 500 MG
MSM 500 MG
Chondroitin 60 MG
Omega 3 Fatty Acids 1800 MCG
Omega 6 Fatty Acids 946 MCG

Dosage is per Weight and is as follows:
Up to 10 LB 1 Soft Chew
11-39 LB 2 Soft Chews
40-79 LB 3 Soft Chews
80 and Over LB 4 Soft Chews

The Price is $22.90 for a 120 Chew supply (4 months supply in my case) and works out to $1.43 a Week.  Thats something we can can definately fit into the budget.  

Now onto the official sniff/taste test portion.

Awww! Cute little squares.  

They are about twice the size of my training treats which is perfect for a morning snackie before daycare.  

Momma these smell like treats not medicine.  You sure they are medicine? *CHOMP*

Yum! I think I am going to like this! Tap it out!

We did photo check-in throughout the month.  I took the chew every time.  Some days I ate it at my table, some days I would eat in my agility tunnel, but NEVER did I ever not want my daily chew.  

In final review the NaturVet GCM Soft Chews get a 5(*****) Star rating.  I have been taking these for 3 weeks.  These treats are very palatable (Even for picky pups, such as myself), are affordable, and momma has noticed a lessening of my limp-ee leggie. (~See Below)  

We did officially put them on autoship.  I am going to stay on these so I can continue to run, play and jump for a LONG TIME!!!! 

#PARKOURPuppy4LIfe  #BionicPuppy


#Ad - I was sent this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

*Disclaimer - Momma assisted in filling all holes dug by me, Lucy.  

~A note from momma: I have noticed a skip/bunny hop when running, an intermitten limp when Lucy is playing/going to the bathroom and 2 incidences when her leg goes stiff and she cried.  I am hoping this may be joint pain due to either colder weather or growing pains or playing too rough (she has been known to body slam a certain cockapoo).  This will be checked at her upcoming annual vaccine appointment in April.  Shh don't tell her.  I don't want her to worry till April about pokies!  So that was a deciding factor in wanting to try these as well.  :)

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Left Home Alone & Another Incident in the Kitchen

So momma had an interview early one morning for a job with the city (unfortunately she didn't get selected for the position) but she hadn't left me home alone since the day I tore up the blinds.  So on top of interview nerves she was nervous about leaving me home and wondering what I would get myself into.  Well this is what she came home to....

So see what really happened is there was a leak under the sink.  And we had a cardboard box of dishwashing detergent sitting down in the cabinet.  And well when the water soaked through the cardboard it made the dishwashing detergent expand.  It chose the precise moment momma left to pop out of the cabinet.  When it did I of course had to investigate.  When I got near, it clung to my paws. And well it kind of got all over everything.  Mommas chair, my bed and the floor.

The rest of the things under the sink were ok.  They are all in plastic bottles.  So they just had to be dried off.

Thankfully mommas chair is leather and was able to we wiped off with ease.  The floor on the other hand has taken more time to clean.  Its still got a film on it from the dishwashing powder.

Thankfully I was not the root cause of this and it will not count as a tick for Santa's Naughty list.  And in related news there was nothing else torn up, destroyed, or missing when she returned.  So I was given a special treat of a denta-stix for my good behavior.


Friday, January 26, 2018

Story Time about Sticks

Welcome furiends, today I have a story time blog for you to enjoy. 

Sticks are one of my favorite toys.  They are inexpensive, tasty and abundantly available.

I stay busy for hours just chewing, nibbling and shredding them.

So everyday when momma picks me up Doggy Nanny and Grandpa tell her about the days events.  Lately its been chilly and I don't want to do my stick chewing outside so I use the convenient doggy door to run out grab a stick (or in some cases a pecan) and bring them inside.

Once inside I get to chewing and shredding.  This is whats left when I am done just little stick fragments.

Doggy Nanny is always so nice and helps me pick them all up off the floor or the chair or the couch or well you get the idea.  :)

Then I am usually worn out from all the searching, chewing and cleaning.  Nap time.

Then I repeat the process again the next day.  Ahh what a grand time I have!  Grandpa told momma about the day I even tried to bring a GIANT stick in but was stopped because the it wouldn't fit through the doggy door.  Seems we may need to think of upgrading to a great dane sized doggy door.  I can't be limited on stick size.  You never know how much shredding needs to be done to keep me busy. 

Oh, before I go, speaking of pecans recently I had a pesky pecan that kept running off from me.  I would bring it up the ramp set it down and you know what every time it rolled away, like multiple times.  Seriously what is up with that?  So sad.  It must have been rotten.  Yep thats what had to have happened, it turned rotten. 


Thursday, January 25, 2018

OTCWF - Basic Obedience Training Class #3 - 2018

 Wednesday mornings come very bright and awful early!  :) However I'm always up for the adventure.  Here is a shot of all of the gear.

This week we did drills of the heel with about turns, left u turn, halt and sit/stays.  I had a hard time focusing at the beginning.  And well there was a reason for it, I had a little accident in the training arena.  I didn't have to go when we left the house but all the heel work I had to go.  But once we cleaned up and we got our groove going we did achieve a  left u turn.  Momma was so proud.  We had been trying this week at home but couldn't quite get it.  I can do them when I am on my table and momma has the treat at nose level but when I am on the ground it was much harder.  Mrs. Connie added circles (which for the humans was furry confusing), down stays, and proper returns (instead of the human pivoting from heel, to in front of us, then back to heel for stays, they would walk all the way around us back to heel position).  I was not having any of that, I get a little worried when big feet go near me.  So Left u turns and proper returns will be the focus this week at home.  After heel work we worked on "leave it".  I have had practice with this one.  But we each got a turn to walk thorugh the leave it maze set up by Mrs. Connie and had to "leave it" while keeping heel.  Momma says I did well.  Mrs Connie also reviewed how to work on sitting for exam and visited with each doggie in the class (this is step one that will lead us to stand for exam like the show doggies).  She said we need helpers to assist.  I bet Doggy Nanny will help!  We also got a tip to keep me going straight on my halt/sits.  We should work next to a wall so it helps keep me in line.  My tooshie has a mind of its own and sometimes strays outward.   This weeks photo....yep I have a furry over my eye.  Thankfully I have a grooming session coming up.  I need a good spa day!

After class we went to Aunt Gracies for a bitey face session.  I had to counter act all the obedience with some bitey.  :)  Then we went for a nice golf card ride.  We stopped in the park to do a few quick heel practices.  I nailed the left u turn again but we waited on circles.  After that we stopped in Petsmart to use our coupon, and momma actually remembered to bring it wif her.  My food is regularly $35.99, was on sale for $32.99, we price matched from the website down to $28.69 then redeemed the $10 coupon making the bag of food only $18.69.  Momma did a little happy dance!  Saving green papers makes her down right giddy.

When we got home momma took off my training gear, went to put away her stuff, turned back around and saw this....

...I fell asleep 3 seconds after I got home and took quite a long nap.  Its hard being obedient all day! 


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Chilly Day Walkies

 Its been chilly here in TX.  So I've been using my hoodies quite regularly.

On this particular walk I chose my camo hoodie. 

I found some constructions.  Momma can I go check it out.

No?  You sure?

Momma this is not as interesting.  I wanna go back and check out the construction please.

On another walkie it was a few degrees warmer and I decided to go with my yellow  vest.  Look my shadow puppy!

I always stop at corners.  Practicing my halt and go. 

And on a very recent walk it was bitterly cold with a harsh cold wind.  So I broke out my heavy red hoodie.  It was a nice ride until we showed up at the little field we had been frequenting and they had barbed wire across the entrance and a no trespassing sign up.  DRAT!

Have you been having fun walkies lately?  Thankfully the weather app has had some better numbers on it for momma's days off so hopefully I can shed these hoodies and run free!!!