Thursday, January 18, 2018

Momma's Self Proclaimed Ban from Ross

After Obedience class yesterday we went to town to do some errands.  We returned some books to the library, drove to petsmart (didn't stop because momma forgot her coupon), then went to Ross.  Momma needed some gloves.  Well we found gloves and quite a bit more!  We went through the pet aisle, of course, and found some Valentines day poop bags.  That was a must!  We decided against the dresses because I am not a fan of clothes without a purpose (like keeping me from freezing my tooshie off even then I am a bit iffy).  Momma thought we had done good!!!!  Then we hit the purse aisle.  Momma's not a big purse person.  She is more of a large wallet minimalist.  But then we spotted it at the same time.  It was.....

....A star purse and upon closer inspection it was a Betsy Johnson purse.  Momma has a Betsy Johnson purse in the closet she loves to use (for like job interview days, medical appointments, when she needs to bring extra things).  And as you know my AKC name is Twinkle Twinkle Lucy Star, so really it was meant to be!!!  Then as we were headed up front when we spotted a white poodle statue.  It was simply darling but wouldn't match well with our decor.  We are sticking to black/gold/wood tones.  So we put him back.  We decided to take a stroll down the clearance as last time there were doggie supplies there too.  You will never guess what we found.  Yep a black poodle statue.  And the black poodle was $1 cheaper than the white one.  Again it surely was meant to be! 

With the gloves, poop bags, purse and statue momma spent way more than she intended.  So she has now proclaimed a ban for herself from Ross.  I highly doubt this will last long.  Ill keep you posted.



  1. BOL. Momma says that every time she leaves Target. It never lasts!

  2. Yeah, Ma says she'll stay off the Amazon....still waiting for that to happen....
    Ruby ♥