Wednesday, January 17, 2018

OTCWF - Basic Obedience Training Class #2 - 2018

It's Wednesday and that means its momma's day off and time for Obedience class.  Its nice having a dedicated training leash and collar.  No more spending hours sifting through collars deciding what to wear. 

When we arrived we took a seat in the back row and we worked on Leave it when my class mates walked by.  Shes trying to teach me that not every dog or people wants a hug and kiss from me and that I need to focus on momma when they come near.  Its ruff but if treats are involved I play along! :)  When class started we did drills of sit, heel, and about turns.  I got a compliment of nice loose leash!  YES!!!!  We added stay (pawrent gives command, leads off with right foot to go in front of dog, pawrent returns to heel position, add distance and time as you go), down (in heel position), heel pace (slow, normal, fast) and Left U Turn.  The left turns threw all of us for a loop.  The pawrent turns into the dog when the dog is in heel on the left.  I thought momma was tryin to run me over and she was trying to figure out her left from her right and keep my focus.  It was probably quite a sight.  We tried it a few more times and it was still  sloppy but we know what to work on this week.  We got our homework sheets for the week and were given some tips like using a chair to work our stays, so the pawrents can have the treat right by our nose at hand level instead of leaning down all the time.  I believe my little tykes table shall due just fine for that.  As always photo time: 



  1. Well done, Lucy. I wish my Lucy would work with me on learning some things, but she acts terrified whenever I try. Even treats don't help.

  2. Bravo gurl! You are better trained than Moi ~ I thinks all peeps have treats! hehehee
    Ruby ♥

  3. It always impresses people on our walks and stuff that I know left and right. Even if I'm off-leash and in front of Momma, she just has to say "turn left!" and ZIP, I'm there!