Wednesday, January 31, 2018

OTCWF - Basic Obedience Training Class #4 - 2018

This weeks class we had Mr. Frank as our instructor.  We worked on extending our sit/stays and down/stays.  We added figure 8's to our circles.  That was fun we each got a turn to do them for the class and used lawn chairs as our props.  Worked recall with a front sit.  Added a formal finish (where we go around the pawrent and go to a sit in heel).  We extended our sit for exam to include stands.  Momma had to loop my tummy for the stands.  Great tip Mr. Frank!  We are still having issues with the finishes where momma walks around me.    Those big feet are scary and I hop out of place.  But thats where we need to focus our practice.  Practice makes progress. Before and after class momma worked with me on staying calm while people and doggies approach.  She says I am getting better and maybe this year we can try for the CGC.

After class we stayed and talked to some of the ladies in the class.  I got to sniff Mr. Lucas a black toy poodle.  Oh he smelled fantastic!  And his haircut is super snazzy!  Its a full show coat.  And I met Finley the Chinese Crested.  He has one  blue eye and one brown eye.  Oh he was a beauty!!!!


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  1. Grreat job! You'll get used to those big feet eventually. Practice makes pawfect.