Saturday, January 27, 2018

Left Home Alone & Another Incident in the Kitchen

So momma had an interview early one morning for a job with the city (unfortunately she didn't get selected for the position) but she hadn't left me home alone since the day I tore up the blinds.  So on top of interview nerves she was nervous about leaving me home and wondering what I would get myself into.  Well this is what she came home to....

So see what really happened is there was a leak under the sink.  And we had a cardboard box of dishwashing detergent sitting down in the cabinet.  And well when the water soaked through the cardboard it made the dishwashing detergent expand.  It chose the precise moment momma left to pop out of the cabinet.  When it did I of course had to investigate.  When I got near, it clung to my paws. And well it kind of got all over everything.  Mommas chair, my bed and the floor.

The rest of the things under the sink were ok.  They are all in plastic bottles.  So they just had to be dried off.

Thankfully mommas chair is leather and was able to we wiped off with ease.  The floor on the other hand has taken more time to clean.  Its still got a film on it from the dishwashing powder.

Thankfully I was not the root cause of this and it will not count as a tick for Santa's Naughty list.  And in related news there was nothing else torn up, destroyed, or missing when she returned.  So I was given a special treat of a denta-stix for my good behavior.



  1. First we are sorry that your mom didn't get that job. Hopefully a better one will come her way soon. Second, we agree you aren't to be blamed for things that pop out of cupboards and stick to you. It must have been scary and you were only checking to make sure you weren't in danger.

  2. Of COURSE it wasn't your fault! We're glad your momma recognized that.