Sunday, October 31, 2021

Our First Trick or Treat!

 We emerged from the house on evening of Halloween to find we had been trick or treated!  This is spookily fun!  



Happy Howl-O-Ween

 Happy Howl-O-Ween.  May the Spooks be with you!



Saturday, October 30, 2021

Unapproved Seating Assignment

 Momma Lucy is not in her assigned seat.  

Hush Poppy, if I fits I sploots.



Friday, October 29, 2021

Better Sporting Dogs - 7PC Agility Set Unboxing

We received this agility set to review.

Um....this is going to take a while.  Just look at all the parts!

I do love that all the parts fit in the carry cases.

Ok I am ready to do the first official test.


Treats please!

I can't wait to get this set up outside and run the whole obstacle course!!!

Happy Friday!

There is truly nothing better than sitting out in the porch sitting on a Friday evening. 

Occasionally just spying on the neighbors with Poppy.

When its time to go in for suppers, Poppy hits the fast lane back.



Thursday, October 28, 2021

Spark Review Program - Soft Bed

 As you know momma is part of Walmarts Spark Reivew Program.  They send us promotional goods in exchange for an honest review.  One of the items is this vibrant life dog bed.  As you can see its the perfect size for me, my blankie, my chew chews and my toys.  

It is super soft and comfortable for naps and...


We give it a big 4 paws up! 



Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Spotlight Wichita Falls - Back Alley Art

 We have done a spotlight here before but there is some new pieces in the Back Alley.  This decorated ally is on 10th St between Scott and Indiana. 

A smurft painted by @the_treee_mans_fuago

Inspire Gorilla by @jacobiegenus

Top hat fish.

 We even got lucky enough to see an artist at work.  

Nice job!  We stopped and talked to him.  He painted this jelly fish as well as the fish in the tophat.  The adjoining piece is Faith (with the electric bolts) done by @jacobiegenus

If you know any of the artists here feel free to tag them.



Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The Poppy Corner

 Welcome to my favorite corner of the yard! Its known as the Poppy Corner.

From here I can spay on Mr and Mrs N. 

And listen for the chatty chihuahuas.  

Life is GOOD!



Personal Escorts

 Since momma follows us to the yard when we do our business we follow her to the bathroom.  You ok momma?



Monday, October 25, 2021


 They seem to come around every single week.  I was not in the mood to start the week so soon!!!!  

I just wanna hide my face and maybe Monday will not find me. 



Sunday, October 24, 2021

1st Official Ride in the Kia Soul

 Due to recent rains our 1st trip was postponed.  Momma didn't want us to get the new car dirty.  Silly momma.  However once the rains moved out we were able to check out the new ride!

Paws off the seats.  Momma don't like that!

Sorry Poppy...I still love you!

I LLLLLLove it!  

Do you think we can hit the drive through and get some a bahama bucks?


Baby Banana PAWlese.



Saturday, October 23, 2021

Introducing Gypsy the Doggy Wagon

 Well after our last post things sped up.  Momma was ready to do this and get things going.  She took a long lunch and went to the credit union to see if she could get a preapproval.  After a good long talk and number crunching it was decided that its best to go to the dealer ship make sure the car was still available and then apply for financing with the credit union via the dealer.  Its a common practice and gets the loan processed faster.  We felt a little rushed due to the limited used cars available but still felt it was right.  

Since we knew things were moving along momma got some of the things out of the MM to store in the house.  We weren't sure how much stuff a new car could hold.  

After work momma met Doggy Nanny and Grandpa at the dealership to "talk business".  Again we didn't get to go.  Rude!!!!  

Sadly the little blue car just sold so it was no longer an option.  Momma drove off a little sad it didn't work out but she just reminded herself it wasn't mean to be something better had to be waiting.

She did stop at the other Patterson lot on the way home.  Just to look.  There were no cars in her price range.  The nice salesman did show her two cars that were newer year models (with low milage) that could be financed longer to get payments lower.  A malibu and a soul.  The malibu just wasn't quite right and was super low to the ground.  The soul however was taller but still considerably smaller than the MM.  It would get better gas milage but be roomy enough to carry all the dog equipment needed.  It had a lot of features momma liked such as 2 keys, key fob, rear back up cam, aux ports, bluetooth, and a hatch back.  The color was quite eye catching as well, its a stunning titanium grey.  Momma says its the color of a rain cloud.  Momma talked it over with Doggy Nanny and Grandpa and decided it would be worth going inside to crunch the numbers and see if a deal could be made. 

It took quite some time and a lot of back and forth but finally after 2 hours a deal was reached and we are the proud owners of a new Kia Soul.  We are naming her Gypsy.  

Gypsys fob on mommas keyring with our dog tag.  Its official official.

We will do a photoshoot with it soon.  But for now here we are ready to rock and roll without the fear of being stranded.  



Friday, October 22, 2021

The Day the Murano Mobile Died...AGAIN

It was a mid October afternoon...we took a little drive and got a Bahama Bucks.  Life was good!

Later that evening our grocery order was ready.  While we waited we captured this beautiful sky!  Then the car powered down like it has been doing over the past few months.  We werent too worried.  Usually just turning the key off, letting it rest then restarting works.  After about 30 minutes and multiple attempts it just wouldn't start.  We had to call Doggy Nanny to rescue us and leave the MM at the walmart.  

They arrived quickly and got us plus the groceries home safely.  Thanks Doggy Nanny, Grandpa and Aunt Gracie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Once home momma called our car insurance place and asked if we were eligible for a tow.  Thankfully the sweet lady said yes and it will be NO CHARGE.  Blessed!  This was a Friday night around 830-930 at night they had someone within the hour over to the walmart to pick up our Murano Mobile. We followed it all the way to the mechanics place.

Where it was off loaded and locked up.  

We were finally done with that adventure around 1030 that night.

Wow wee!  Never had a crazier night with so many bye bye rides in such a short span of time.  Anyhoo this seems to be the last straw in car problems for momma.  She cried about it, talked to Doggy Nanny/Grandpa about it, cried some more and finally came up with a plan.  We are possibly getting a new to us, used, car.  Momma is in the research phase of her acceptance.  

Pupdate Firestone (not a fan of them from previous experience but they were the only one open) said it was the battery.  Which momma had that looked at and was told it was not the battery just a week prior.  But she went ahead with the purchase of the battery to see if it would keep going for a little longer.  While the battery was being installed we pawed through the interwebs and found a couple options for cars. Boy used cars are expensive especially during a pandemic and new car chip shortage.  They are in higher demand.  Doggy nanny and momma went and test drove a couple cars, sadly we didn't get to go cause momma needed to "concentrate".  

Some cars were too small but one was workable.  We shall call it Zippi.  More on that later.  After that momma picked up the MM from firestone and it drove home fine.  Fast forward 12 hrs we go for another bahama bucks (yes we realize we have a bb's addiction.) to brighten a stressful day and MM dies again but quickly restarted.  Then 3 days later the whole car locked up.  Steering, breaks, motor.  Luckily momma was on a side street, put on her flasher lights and was able to get it to shift into park.   She took out the key, said a prayer and tried to start it again.  Thankfully it did.  She made it home.  That was it if we can get financing through the bank and if zippi was still available it was meant to be.  The past 2 years with all the mechanical problems, mommas been contemplating a new car but the money just wasn't there.  Rising rent cost, vet care and so forth there was just no money left.  But God provided a way with multiple blessings this year.  So it just feels right.