Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 Top 9

It is the end of the year and the end of a decade.  Here is our top 9 Instagram photos.  What fun memories.  Snoods, halloween costumes, training class, family tree, messy hair and the saddest puppy in da world!  Can't wait to see what 2020 has in store for us!

Lucy and Poppy

Monday, December 30, 2019

Intermediate Scent Work Final Week

Due to personal reasons we weren't able to to attend the final class for intermediate.  My trainer was so kind as to send us an email with the lessons that were gone over.  Week 7 they worked on increasing number of boxes for handler discrimination, containers in the form of a circle, and elevation in interiors.  A new concept was shown about commitment to source even when the handler moves.  We can practice this one at home by having the handler move around as long as we stay with source treats are pitched out way.  Once given a release command we can leave.  But if I leave before the release treats stop.  This will help with issues of false alerts from handlers inadvertently pulling dogs off odor or cuing hide location.  There were also review searches done at the local Tractor Supply.  Vehicles, interiors and exteriors. 

Sniffs, Lucy

Trip To Sonic

Mommas been feeling crazy lately and thinking she is going to stop me from dash board sitting while we waits for stuff or while waiting at lights.  BOL  She puts all sorts of stuffs up here to "block" me.  Yea heres how it went down.

Your silly attempts are no match for me! Drat I dented me top knot.

Spot anyone suspicious Poppy?

Yea that lady in the polkadot sweater running back and forth is awful suspect.  I see she has a sonic apron on but still suspect.  21/10 do not trust one bit.  (However I kept my growlies to myself. )

Lucy and Poppy

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Sand Update - Tea Infuser

With all the trouble I had been having with buried I pawed through the scent work handbook from the AKC to learn how scent was handled during trial.  They state that for buried sand hides it should be in a mesh tea ball/infuser.  Momma thought this might be easier to train on (as more scent will be released like with our tins) and  since this is what I will come across in trial. We ordered one from wally-mart for less than 3 dollars.  Here it is loaded up with the scent.

For the first introduction momma put the birch only qtips in the tea ball placed it on top of the sand then placed our screen on top. I sniffed the hot container, pawed it and was rewarded. Then she offered me two containers. One cold one hot. I sniffed both and correctly paw indicated on the one with birch. Then she put the two containers on the floor. Easy peasy. I sniffed both (twice in fact just to be sure) and pawed the container with birch. 

The next night we went straight to a 3 container practice search 2 cold and one hot. Momma filmed it and I’ll let you see the results for your self. 


Thursday, December 26, 2019

Poppy Monster In The Car

We were sitting at the light I popped out of the carseat when I spotted a blankie monster!

Wait a minute!

Upon closer inspection I think its....

...just a Poppy Monster!

Muahahaha!  Tis me the POPPY MONSTER!

Lucy and Poppy

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas

Cookies were eaten and the milk had been drank.

In their place was left a bounty of goodies for us!

I see bully sticks for me.

Silk Jam Jams for me.

And squeaky toys and greenies to share!

Thank you Santa Paws!!!

Yes thank you dear sweet Santa Paws!!!!

Merry Smooches,
Lucy and Poppy

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

T'was The Night Before Christmas

...When all thought the house....Puppies were found in da fridge? 
What?  I am getting da milk for Santa Paws.  Nothing naughty here!!!!

We got out our favorite bone biscuits and filled a bowl with milk.  Santa Paws needs snackies to keep up his strength.

I think this is a nice spread.  Safe travels Santa!!!

Lucy And Poppy

Monday, December 23, 2019

Sand Issues

So we have my mini sand containers but they are still confusing me like in class.  I just paw at a random one to see what gets me a treat.  Momma tried taking the screen off and letting me sniff the pink tube in the sand but it still doesn't help.

Momma had an idea to put some sand in the tube with the scent to see if that would work.

With scent and sand in the tube in mommas hand or hidden (interior style) I can find it no problem.

When put back in the sand bucket I can't seem to determine which bucket and paw at a random one in hopes of a treat.  hmrph!  Any scent work teams have ideas for help?!?!?!!?  I am stumped.

Pupdate: we found a blog that showed a similar problem with buried (but water) and the dog was having issues finding scent in the little bit of aquarium tubing.  So the pawrent put the tubing atop an upturned bowl.  Worked from there.  Made it easy to sniff.  Then put the aquarium tubing inside a bowl to make the flow mimic trial.  Last but not least added water just covering the tubing and eventurally completely submerging the tube.  It was a slow progression but the dog in the video really got it.  Here is our attempt with buried sand progression.


Sunday, December 22, 2019

2019 Christmas Cards

Well with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, training class and so forth we did not get physical Christmas cards out however we did make an e-card to share with you all.  Merry Christmas.

Here are a couple we received in the mail from furiends.

Mr Douglas.

And his pawrents.

Miss Molly the Therapy Dog

Lucy and Poppy

Saturday, December 21, 2019

A Chewy Christmas Surprise

Recently we received a notification of a package from Chewy was on the way.  That's odd we didn't order anything.  We racked our brains to try and think of what it could be.  Per the tracker it was to arrive the 16th.  We waited with wagging tails.  When the day arrived momma got home she stopped by the mail box and found the blue envelope.

As we opened the package it was clear what it was.

It was the famous Chewy paintings.

Chewy is so sweet.

Once unwrapped Momma got all teary eyed.  They are all just so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

The artist is @dannypodoart on Instagram.   Go give him a like.  His artwork is truly paw-inspiring.

He captured every curl and...

...wispy hair on our wee lil heads.

We can't wait to take Gracie's over to Doggy Nanny's house to be displayed.

After vising momma's work a couple days ago we both knew the perfect place for them to be displayed.  Right next to the canvas artwork Doggy Nanny and Granpa gifted us when momma got her promotion.  These paintings really finished off that corner and make her paw-ffice complete.

Chewy you have made this Christmas extra special.  We can't send enough a big enough THANK YOU!

Extra Merry Smooches,
Lucy, Poppy and Gracie

Friday, December 20, 2019

Fun With Card Board

While momma was filling the dishwasher and doing "sunday evening chores" she heard the ripping of cardboard.  She turned around to find me doing this.

With a little bit of this.

Grr gRrRR


Oh what fun!

Nothing like a rousing game of cardboard ripping to make you feel ALIVE!  (No naughty behavior here momma allows it as long as the contents weren't destroyed.)


Thursday, December 19, 2019

Practicing With Scents

Scent Work training is my favorite activity.  I get lotsa treats.

Mommas been adding hidden  scents (I can't see the tin) and giving me rewards by hand (not self rewarding).  I Ready Momma.

*SNIFF* Nope

*SNIFF* Its over here.  

YES!  Easy peasy!

However I am still mostly working on "open" containers and self rewarding. (Note: Usually its a larger search area but for the sake of photos we squish-ie-ed it)
 Nope, nope,

and BINGO!

Treat Time.

The next round I was so fast momma couldn't snap me searching or retrieving the treat.  I just love this game!