Sunday, December 1, 2019

Letters To Santa

Dearest Santa Paws,
I have put my best paws first in being a good girl.  I have been quite less destructive.  There was the little incident wif the bag of Bully Sticks that I kind of opened on my own.   I have been furry helpful with giving love therapy to Doggy Nanny and Grandpa while they healed.  I listened to Miss Martha during training classes and put forth great effort during my trial.  This year I would like more bully sticks, some squeaky toys and did I mention bully sticks.  Please and Thank you

Dear Santa Paws,
I have been working on my girl girl behavior.  I'm yelling at the neighbors and grandpa less everyday. Making momma smile with my funny grins and waggy tail.  This year I would like a new hoodie, teenie greenies and squeaky toys (the kind that are furry loud when you squeeze them).   Please and Thank you

P.S. I'm still suspicious of that whole sneaking into the house while I sleep thing.  Furry suspicious!

Any hoo, Safe travels!

Merry Smooches,
Lucy and Poppy

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you, Poppy -- if he's so good, why does he have to sneak inside when no one's around?!