Saturday, December 28, 2019

Sand Update - Tea Infuser

With all the trouble I had been having with buried I pawed through the scent work handbook from the AKC to learn how scent was handled during trial.  They state that for buried sand hides it should be in a mesh tea ball/infuser.  Momma thought this might be easier to train on (as more scent will be released like with our tins) and  since this is what I will come across in trial. We ordered one from wally-mart for less than 3 dollars.  Here it is loaded up with the scent.

For the first introduction momma put the birch only qtips in the tea ball placed it on top of the sand then placed our screen on top. I sniffed the hot container, pawed it and was rewarded. Then she offered me two containers. One cold one hot. I sniffed both and correctly paw indicated on the one with birch. Then she put the two containers on the floor. Easy peasy. I sniffed both (twice in fact just to be sure) and pawed the container with birch. 

The next night we went straight to a 3 container practice search 2 cold and one hot. Momma filmed it and I’ll let you see the results for your self. 


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