Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Making Mini Buried Containers For Scent Work

Searching for odor is easy but when putting in a new place such as buried in sand it acts differently.  Our trainer said that odor will go up then disperse out towards the side of the container before reaching the surface.  This type of search has been giving me trouble in class so we are making some sand containers to practice with at home.  We began with getting supplies from Walmart.  We purchased Ultra Stiff Mesh Plastic Canvas...

...and Zip-loc  twist and lock containers.  Both were under $3.

Next momma cut the mesh canvas to the size of the container.  The mesh canvas will allow the scent to come though but prevent digging and sand being tossed all over her kitchen floor.    It fit just inside the edge allowing the lid to twist and loc in place.

Then we added sand and labeled the containers for hot (the one used for burying oil) and cold (will never have oil).

Now we just have to add oil qtip in the centrifuge tube to practice.  Fun Times!!!!!


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