Saturday, December 21, 2019

A Chewy Christmas Surprise

Recently we received a notification of a package from Chewy was on the way.  That's odd we didn't order anything.  We racked our brains to try and think of what it could be.  Per the tracker it was to arrive the 16th.  We waited with wagging tails.  When the day arrived momma got home she stopped by the mail box and found the blue envelope.

As we opened the package it was clear what it was.

It was the famous Chewy paintings.

Chewy is so sweet.

Once unwrapped Momma got all teary eyed.  They are all just so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

The artist is @dannypodoart on Instagram.   Go give him a like.  His artwork is truly paw-inspiring.

He captured every curl and...

...wispy hair on our wee lil heads.

We can't wait to take Gracie's over to Doggy Nanny's house to be displayed.

After vising momma's work a couple days ago we both knew the perfect place for them to be displayed.  Right next to the canvas artwork Doggy Nanny and Granpa gifted us when momma got her promotion.  These paintings really finished off that corner and make her paw-ffice complete.

Chewy you have made this Christmas extra special.  We can't send enough a big enough THANK YOU!

Extra Merry Smooches,
Lucy, Poppy and Gracie

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