Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Black Friday

We checked the online sale ad and found Petco had some deals.  They have 50% off Bond and Co clothes.  I have my eye on some ruffle jam jams.  And they have buy one get one free True Chews.  We are going to snag some for Aunt Gracie.  They are her favorite.  Let's do this!

We found a cat bed 50% off...can we have it please?!!?  Its a pineapple and its on sale?!!?!!?

Sadly the jam jams I wanted were found to be FAKE!  Instead of nice comfy warm legs they had a single elastic band around the leg.  But I did find this ultra warm hooded jumper and wow is it cute!

Off to the register please.  I'll stay up here and verify prices as they ring up our items.

And we are done.  I love a good black friday sale!

After Petco we went to Doggy Nanny's house to drop off the true chews to Aunt Gracie.  I got lots of belly rubs.  I just love Doggy Nanny!!!

Just checking in on the true chews.

Am doin a tired.  Must rest for big trip home.

Last stop before heading home was the Pharmacy to pick up mommas medication.  The ladies at the window were so nice and even gave us 2 gourmet milk bones each.

They were super tasty!

After all of that it was NAP TIME!

Lucy and Poppy

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