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When my previous owner was no longer able to care for me she posted an ad looking for me a new home.  Momma says when she saw my tiny red curls in the photo posted online she fell in love!  Unfortunately due to mommas work schedule we could not meet right away.  This is the picture momma kept on her desk while waiting till her day off to come meet me.  She says I look like a lil teddy bear. 

3-1-17 the day finally came and I got to meet my momma and Doggy Nanny.  We all had an instant connection when we met.  I got lots of hugs from them both.  Momma told my previous owner that she wanted to take me home, gathered up all of my belongings and we set out on a long bye bye ride.  I slept most of the way, the scenery was not too interesting to me. Just fields, houses and old farm equipment.  When I woke up there were some big surprises in store for me!  I big yard to call my own, my very own kitty cat named Jackson (hes got a super fluffy tail thats fun to pull on) and a new doggie fur-iend.  Her name is Aunt Gracie and she loves to play my favorite games....chase and bitey face! 

Pup Date:
When momma brought me home I had a little packet of papers from my previous owner.  In that packet momma found out I was a pet store puppy in IL called Fish Tales.

Now I don't advocate purchasing puppies from petstores, especially those supplied by puppy mills.  However momma didn't know this at the time she got me.  My previous owner was simply rehoming me and didn't mention it in their talks. It was after snooping....rummaging....investigating the paperwork we found out the details.

Through further research from the information in that packet it was discovered that I came from an Amish Puppy farm in rural IL.  By the USDA number of my breeder it seems that the facility was not so great.  Which makes me sad.  Why would peoples do bad things....aren't all peoples good and friendly?

Puppy Growls,
Gotcha Day 3-1-17


Hi furiends, Poppy here, summer of 2018 my last owner decided to rehome me. Momma said when she saw my photos for the first time she fell head over hills for me.

 She wasn't sure she could handle two dogs but after taking it over wif Doggy Nanny she felt she could handle the responsibility.  Momma and Lucy set out for OK to retrieve me.  We met in Walters, OK and at our first meeting I was scared.  I had no idea what was happening.  Now I have acclimated I am a #TEXAN  and dern proud!

Momma didn't know much about my past until we met in person and my last owner told her everything.  She had a few different breeds of dogs that she used for breeding purposes.  I was the only female out of my litter and I was kept for breeding.   Here is my birth mom, Princess, with the whole litter.

Me and my litter around 6-8 weeks.  (I am on the left)

Me and Brother Milo were the puppies she kept from my litter.

At the age of around 7 months I was "accidently" bred by antoher dog in the home.  I ended up having my litter in Janruary, I had two little boys.

About two weeks after I delivered my boys, I developed an infection called mastitis and had to spend a long time in the hospital recovering.  Later that summer the decision was made to rehome me.

Gotcha Day 6-30-18


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