Thursday, October 13, 2022

Proud Momma

 Momma reached out to one of my puppies owners.  I was surprised to find out he is a therapy dog.  He goes and motivates residence and cheers them up.  Oh my dog!  I am a proud momma.  

PS we even asked if we could set up a meeting some day soon and Rumi's dad said yes. 


October Grooming

 After dropping the sister and aunt gracie off for grooming I got to spend a few wonderful hours alone with momma.  Oh lord.....Its the best rest I ever had. All too soon we got the call.  

Oh friends look I got my ears stripped and my top knot shortened. 

I feel FABULOUS!!!!!

So fancy!!!

Time for a nap though.  I need my beauty rest.


Next thing I remember it was dark.



Snooping Gone Wrong

 So I was snoopervising in the yard you know like I always do.  I heard an odd sound in the alley so, of course, I popped my head through the gap between the fence and the concrete divit.  Well my adorable wee little head got stuck.  Momma was laughing but I finally managed to get free.  But in my fight for life I got my paw stuck in my collar.  So I was hobbled.  You know momma had the audacity to keep laughing.  Then she said "hold on Poppy...I need a picture."  This is my "are you seriously taking photos at this moment of life or death moment???"

I gave her many raspberries.

Seriously I need a new blogging assistant.  Momma is out of control with documenting this stuff and not helping quick enough.  Doggy Nanny are you for hire?

Angry Smooches,


Late Night Trip to Help a Friend

 Momma's friend Mr PB had a battery issue with his car and he was at a gas station close to our house so he called to see if we could help out.  Bonus bye bye ride...Count us IN!

We got there, he hooked up the jump rope cables, momma started her car and Mr PB was off and running.  Well he had to get gas first (which is why he had stopped at the station in the first place).  We stayed to watch his car so he wouldn't have to turn it off to go in and pay.  I was an excellent guard dog.  Then we were all on our merry way.  


Umm...Momma Did A Thing....I Lost My Ears

As you know I have horrible allergies.  Well this fall has been kicking my curly behind in the allergy dept.  My ears get warm and itchy.  Its a poodle thing.  When I would scratch my ears they became tangled.  (Yes my ears were still hot and somewhat itchy even with my Apoquel so I still did some scratching).  So momma took matters into her own hands.  And took off my ear furs. I was a little shocked at first.  

But as time went on.....

Ya know I actually like it.  Its fun funky and feels fabulous.  No more hot ears.  If I feel an itch I am able to properly scratch it.  No tangles have to be combed out.  win-win!

My topknot is a little out of proportion but that will be changed soon.


DayCare Day!!!

 Momma got the chance to work some overtime and you know what that means.  Day Care Day!!!!  We got no pictures but had a ball.  There was an incident where I literally ran into a squirrel.  Yep pretty cool.  Anyhoo here are the pick up pictures.  

Gracie you gonna let me take that toy home?