Thursday, October 13, 2022

Umm...Momma Did A Thing....I Lost My Ears

As you know I have horrible allergies.  Well this fall has been kicking my curly behind in the allergy dept.  My ears get warm and itchy.  Its a poodle thing.  When I would scratch my ears they became tangled.  (Yes my ears were still hot and somewhat itchy even with my Apoquel so I still did some scratching).  So momma took matters into her own hands.  And took off my ear furs. I was a little shocked at first.  

But as time went on.....

Ya know I actually like it.  Its fun funky and feels fabulous.  No more hot ears.  If I feel an itch I am able to properly scratch it.  No tangles have to be combed out.  win-win!

My topknot is a little out of proportion but that will be changed soon.


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