Friday, July 19, 2024

Odds N Ends




 I took my new jam jams and restyled them.  Its an off the shoulder moment, one leggie free and my tail in the pant leg.  Momma couldn't quit laughing when I shook my tail and the pant leg wagged.  


Throw Back Testing A New Product

 Well sometimes things get stuck in the drafts....its like a forgotten chewie.  Just as good and ready to finish.  

We got to test the Fresh and Soothing Deodorizing Spray from the Walmart Review Program.  

Very Lemony fresh.  

And nice hints of Lavendar.

I concur Cora.

Spray me momma!

One more sniff.

Its very light and easy to apply and allows you to go longer between baffs.  Thats a win-win in my book.  


My Wisdom Panel Results....SHOCKED!

 Wow Wisdom Panel was super fasts in generating my results.  

I am so excited to see what they found!  Wow Same breed mix....slightly different percentages but right on.  Even finding a little doxie way back in the family tree.

Speaking of family trees this is what Wisdom Panel showed.  It matched what momma found and what Embark showed. 

Dem scientists are furry smart.  

OMG We Met a Real Life Baby

 Momma said we were going to Doggy Nannys house.  I got excited till the harness came out.  I don't like dis!

So i frowed a fit.  Kicked my legs and whined.

Once in the car Poppy got in her own spot.

Took a nap.

I sat defeated in my carseat.  Momma wouldn't take my harness off.

Sissy you'd think by now you would be used to it.

Moments after we arrived at Doggy Nannys house....this happened.  Something....not a dog...took my spot on Doggy Nannys lap. 

RUDE! Turns out this is what hoomans look like when they are brand new.  Its called a B-A-B-Y.

It sprawled out and I had to move to the arm of the chair.

Im never going to get scritchies.

Mother help!

From a safe distance I did a *Sniff*.

Seems suspicious.  Imma stay here with momma.

However curiosity got the better of me and...

...I went over for a lil closer sniff.

Hi Aunt Gracie!

Then the baby moved to mommas lap.  

Mother don't you get any ideas about bringing one of those home.

I mean it!


Lake Arrowhead

 Temps reached 105....outdoor time was not an option and well we were sick of being in the house.  TO THE LAKE!

We are a short 15 mile drive from a furry large lake and state park. 

Lake Arrowhead.  It was Grandpas favorite place to fish.

We got our pass and headed in.

No sissy it too hots to gets out.  I stay inside with the ac.
Suit yourself.

Mother why must I have photo taken.

Fine *rAsPbErrIeS*

Quick pee break.

Leaving my mark.

And back home we go!

Once home I got in the comfy chair wif momma and Cora in her lair.

We slept all the way till supper time.