Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Being Bashful

 Sometimes I gets bashfuls.  I don't know why.

Momma can I sits wif you?


Blankie Bundle

 Where ever there is a blankie....we will be bundled.


Kibble Bowl Draining Shameful Sis-fur!

 Its a fine day to go for a drive and go see Doggy Nanny.

Upon arrival I always get a rumbly in my tumbly.  

Wonder where Doggy Nanny is...shes usually here in the chair.  

Hmm...maybe shes outside wif Gracie...

Or Cooking.  Better go see.

I found Doggy Nanny in the kitchen but I was appalled to find the kibble dish was drained. 

And I have a good idea of who did it too...her name rhymes with Lora Lean...

Anyhow I did notice this recliner in the middle of the living room....its by the window....so Ill just sit heres with my chew chew.

Thank you Doggy Nanny, the placement of this chair is perfect to keep an eye on momma, my chew chew and the squirrels.

I drifted off for a lil nap and when I awoke the kibble dish was gone.  I went to see if Doggy Nanny took and refilled it.  

Nope!  It was put back in its original spot EMPTY!  I drug it back to the living room so show how horrible this is.  All momma did was laugh.  RUDE!

I then found a pile of blankies and fainted on them....as I am withering away from kibble-less-ness.

Before I fainted I did see this....look at her tum tum....its full of kibble.

and shes demanding scritches from Doggy Nanny.

She has no remorse for draining the bowl.

Look at her cutting her eyes....

Shameful sissy!

Stare down.

Then she fell into a kibble-coma.

I fell into a real coma!

I think imma sell her this year.....Id rather be an only pup again.


Snug as a Bug in a Rug

 Or a hairless dog in a blankie.  Or however the saying goes.


Hairless Dogs Represent!

We are HUGE Deadpool fans here in this house.  When we saw this promo image we were wagging our tails with excitement.

Its a hairless dog!  There is no more perfect type of dog for Deadpool than a weird hairless dog!


Team Deadpool

Patiently Waiting For Momma

 Starting around 430 pm every day we  are poised in the kitchen chair ready for momma to return.  

I mind my manners and cross my wee little paws.  


Relaxing in the Backyard

Just enjoying some outside time while momma does chores.  She keeps an eye on us with her phone.  This day was around 81 degrees.  With wind and shade it was perfection!


Sissy Snuggles

 Sissys with hoodies are the best pillows.


They Call Me CUDDLES!

Round here I am known as Cuddles!

Momma you could be using that other hand for head scritchies instead of picture taking.

Oh yea thats the spot!

Cora AKA Cuddles


 I don't mean to bother....but can I come sits wif you?



 *TROTS* On the dog walk!!!! Yeah!

Oh Hi!  Don't mind me just taking a stroll on the dog walk.  


Kennel Cam Cora