Friday, May 24, 2024

Doggie Drawings - Portraits by Lili Chin

 We have admired Lili Chins artwork for a long time.  The Dogs of the World series is AMAZING!  We pawed around her website and found that she does small breed prints customized to your pets likeness.  So we decided to place an order.  Here are the proofs.

The turn around time was super quick.  Upon opening the package we found her business cards with some of the Dogs of the World.  A Basset Hound and a Pointer.

Here is Poppys signed print.


Here is Coras signed print.  Oops edited it too close....but anyhoo.

Here they are hung up by mommas desk.

And mommas new phone background.

Last but not least mommas new work signature.  We love it!


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