Tuesday, November 30, 2021

BTS of the Spotlight Wichita Falls Shoots

Yes momma I am listening.  I understand.

I am always focused when bacon treats are involved.  


Breaking the News to Poppy

We got word Doggy Nanny has finally scheduled for surgery on her other hip which is paw-tastic!  Shes been waiting furever to get this done.  But that means daycare will be closed the week of the trial.

Never fear Poppy you will never guess who offered to puppy sit you while me and momma are at the trial.  Its none other than Uncle Teddy!!!!  

No way!  Thanks Uncle Teddy!



Working on my Model Face

 With the trial coming up I am going to have to work on my model face.  Hoping I will have lots of ribbons to pose with as we go from element to element.  

I think I am prepared!  Crossed paws for good alerts!!!!



Poppy On Patrol

 God you sure did bless this home.....

...There is nothing quite like having the freedom to patrol at all hours of the day....

...and being leash free...

...all alone....

...well ok sometimes sissy follows me....

...Thats ok.  Its good to have back up.

SQUIRREL!  Must defend yard!!!!

The sun is now setting and I feel my work here is done. 


Poppy on Patrol

Monday, November 22, 2021

Evenings In Texas

 The cool part about Texas is you never have freezing temps for long.  Fall is full of 60-70 degree temps perfect for sitting in the back yard.

Or splooting in my case.  BOL

Do you hear that Lucy?

I cant distinguish if its a squirrel or bird in that tree.


Saturday, November 20, 2021

The Many Poppy Faces

 Everyone says I have the most expressive face.  Mommas caught quite a number of them.  Without further talk....a few of my best expressions...

Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, November 19, 2021

2021-2022 FDA Clinical Study - Visit 3 November


Wow how has 2 months already gone by.  It is time for another drug study visit.  Got my binder and I am ready!

On the way there momma said this was a drop off visit.  YIPEEE!!!!!!!!

We arrived moments later.  I just love city living.

Friends I am here and ready to pawty!

I was whisked away.  Bye mom! Today we did a heartworm test and got a med refill.

After work momma returned to pick me up.  I told her all bouts my fun day, then I started getting rumblies in my tumblies....it is way past my supper time.  Lets ROLL!



Thursday, November 18, 2021

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Spotlight Wichita Falls - El Carreton - Artist Alex Rubio

 This unique piece sits down town on Ohio street.  It is truly larger than life.  Its titled El Carreton which translates to "The Cart".  This piece was for a sculpture show at The Kemp.  The current owner Vickie LIttle Milam-Milligan purchased it and keeps it displayed down town.  She states it "...is one of the iconic sculptures in our community!".  I agree.  Our city has so much art but this one really stands out!!!



Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Backyard Shenanigans

Come on furiends lets go for a romp.

Life is good.  70 degrees, green grass, tall fence.

We pause to listen for squirrels.

Back to romping.

Bork break.

No momma I will not "hush".

Consuela and Pepino....its time for our nightly bork-a-thon!!!!!!



Monday, November 15, 2021

Happy 5th Birthday Lucy

Happy Birthday To You,

Happy Birthday To You,

Happy Birthday Dear Lucy,

Happy Birthday To You! 

Here is to many more birthdays!