Friday, November 18, 2022

Poppy the Lolli-POP

 Yes I love my sissy a lot.  I love to lick her too.  



Toga Time

 When momma leaves the laundry out and you make a toga.

It even has stars on it.

Ok dress up is done.  Momma help!



Happy 6th Brithday Lucy

 Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday Dear Lucy....Happy Birthday To You!!!!!!!

Time for cake!


Poppy and Momma

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

i sMeLL rOaSt BEEEEEF!!!!!

 Can I has taste?

Sadly momma didn't share.



Snug as Bugs in Rugs

 Nothing better than snoozing on mommas lap wrapped up tight. 

Lucy on the other hand has to flip...

...and flop....

....many times before she is snug in mommas arm atop her special pillow.  



November Grooming

 Ahh the feeling of being an only child.  Simply MARVELOUS!

Post only child time we picked up the doodles and stopped at Doggy Nanny's house.  Lucy flopped out across doggy nannys lap, used gracie as a booster seat and settled in for some good belly scratches.  

We did a more rounded topknot this time with leaving the length on the ears.  

Ya know what...

This may be my new look.  Short and simple but still fluffy.

Thanks Dan and Cindy's Pet Salon for making me look like a puppy again. 




 When your momma catches you sleeping wif your mouth open and toofers showin'.



Silly Allergies

 Why do I has to be allergic to stuff.  Im just a happy girl in a happy world.  I don't like this.  But alas my Apoquel came in clutch and made me feel better.



Daycare Day

 The pest peoples were stopping by the house.  Momma didn't want us causing problems so she booked us in with Doggy Nanny for day care.  We went out our normal sniff time.

Momma a little privacy please. 


After momma got her butt in gear we loaded up and headed to work with her.

As we turned on the street to work we spotted the Doggy Nanny Wagon.


BYE momma have fun at work.

Doggy Nanny I needs snacks I hungry.

And away we went!!!!

We had Doggy Nanny send momma a mid day update.

After work momma came to pick us up.  Momma I tell you the amount of squirrels I chased today was a record.  They were simply everywhere.

I do believe I need to go home and take a long hard nap.

Lucy already hit nap mode.  BOL!

Thanks Grandpa, Gracie and Doggy Nanny for hosting us for the day.  We had a blast!


2022 Clinical Drug Study - Visit 3


A gloomy morning came upon us and well the day was turned around quickly when I saw where I got to go.  

I was literally shaking with delight getting to see my friends. 

Wonder if they will have snacks???

We did a curbside drop off since momma and Poppy had errands to run.  CPV staff I here.  Lucy

There is my nurse. Bye

*1 Hour Later*

Poppy I got petted, I got to sniff other doggies, and the dogtor gave me a big hug while taking my bloods for the heartworm test.  Everything came back fine.  I turned in my notebook and everything.

Onward home momma.  I needs snacks!