Saturday, July 31, 2021

Organizing, Packing and Strangers! Oh My!

 Gone are the evenings and weekends of lounging.  

We are too busy organizing and packing.  Which means I have to follow momma around and snoopervise.  Its furry hard work.  

I just plain don't like it one bit.  All my chewies must be bubble wrapped and packed with care!

I'm tire of this momma!

Ok...I have to keep in mind its all for the play yard.  Whats next?

OOh winter blankies.  They smell fresh.  

Could you possibly pass me a treat please?  I have worked furry hard!

This is the keep bucket right.  I need all the fleece blankies I can get.

The corner is filling up fast!

After what seems like a million hours we finally get to go to bed.  

And boy am I just exhausted.

I must stretch out and relax my muscles.

Shes back at it again.  This time boxing up dishes and cups.  

Momma this looks like an awful lot of stuff to be taking to the new place.  

Oh its 85% dog stuff.  um...never mind seems fine. 

I think thats it for updates.  

Lucy you almost forgot about all the scary people coming by and hauling off stuff.  I am not sure I can handle this we may need to flee to doggy nannys house.


Friday, July 30, 2021

Happy Grooming

 I got to see Miss Misty and get my face done up nice and well other things that shall not be mentioned.  We got to see her new place and isn't it the cutest.  

Post grooming I you can see....

I feel like a new woman!



Thursday, July 29, 2021

An Oil Change and A Car Wash

 Before my appointment with Dr. Hoffman we took the murano mobile to All American to get the oil changed.  Hello friends I have arrived!!!!

Yes sir a basic oil change please and thank you.

*YAWN* I am furry board.

Oh you are done already?

30 milk bones?  Seems fair!

Onto the free carwash.  OOH OOH!

Hi friends!

AHHHHH!  Don't get me wet!

Whew that was a close one!

Entering the HOT BATH!

Getting soapy!

Very very soapy!

I just love the light show.

Here come the brushes.

They are mesmerizing.

ooh purple!  My favorite color!!!!

A few more suds.

Now to the rinse cycle.