Saturday, July 10, 2021

Fire Work Freak Out

 I just don't understand why people like to play with fireworks.  They are furry loud, cause fires and sometimes injuries.  July really started off with a bang!  Fireworks started at 6pm 7-2-2021 and didn't stop till midnight.  Then every day for nearly a week starting at dusk they went off again and again.  Momma some calming techniques out on me.  We went with a snug onesie, a happy hoodie, and a puppy sling.  It did make me feel safer.   



Note from the momma: Friday night Poppy was attached to my ankle.  Step for step she was by my side.  Every evening after that just before dark she was anticipating them and would stop what ever she was doing (eating, barking, playing or laying next to Lucy) and come over by me and demand to be put in her safe spot.  Finally now that we haven't had fireworks for 3 days shes stopped anticipating it but I hate that she has to go through that.  The happy hoodie really seemed to help.  Once in her spot it dampened the sound enough she wouldn't start shaking every time a new round of fireworks went off.  

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