Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Big Move of 2021 (The Hunt For The Perfect Home)

4-19-2021 Will this ever be posted....umm...I am not sure.  I am having flashbacks to 2017 and keeping a secret log of our journey.  We may be moving.   The H Complex is raising rent to over 800 milkbones a month and there have been issues (like lack of hot water and lack of fixing said lack of hot water) have been giving momma ideas of moving.  She made this whole big spreadsheet of every complex in the area.  She got info such as pet policy, amenities, rent, and deposits needed.  She actually found a couple places that would be easier on the budget and have amenities that would make our lives better.  One of those is GBV.  

Its in a quiet neighborhood, gated community, and has fenced porches.  

All throughout April we have been driving around looking at places to get a feel for whats available.

5-20-2021 We found this meme on facebook and seriously after contacting all the apartments and seeing how expensive they are it truly fits.  enjoy!

Another meme popped up that made us laugh.  Momma says the pet fees some places charge are extravagent.  So this may be an option for us.  I will be a sunflower and Poppy a Venus Fly trap.

5-26-2021 Over the weekend momma and I decided to tackle the dog stuff.  We needed to reorganize, reduce and donate some stuff.  We didn't get a before picture of the clothes bin but here are all of our rain gear, winter wear and Poppys clothes organized.  

And the new doggy corner.  Clothes/food in the bin on the right, crate with adorable puppy in the middle and our doggy books in their case on the left.  

Next we tackled props, costumes, and "other doggy stuff"

This is going to take a while.  

Blue bin has collars and leashes.  We are on the fence if we should sell them or not.  Only keeping our pu leather collars that we normally wear.  But thats a decision for another day.  We repurposed the grey container into sheets and puppy blankets.  The orange bag is for Baylor* and the boxes off to the side are donations or sale items.  Momma and I are also deciding what to do with my rosettes.  They take up a lot of room.  We may make a hard decision on them soon.  

Updated Puppy corner we have our dog book case atop the sheets and puppy blankets.  items for sale/donate by the stove.  Last but not least a Poppy with its tongue out peaking around the corner.  

*Side Note in when Baylor came to visit with Counsin Kim and Counsin Margaret she showed a big interest in dog training and fashion.  She ran through my tricks with me and boy was it fun!  We are going to gift her my old weave pole set, some clothes and toys.  That way she can train with her pups at home.  

There is still a lot more organizing and reducing to do but one section is done and feels good.  

6-2-2021 We found out that at GBV we are 14th on the list for a 1 bedroom.  

7-14-2021 Mommas been discouraged lately we are still 14th at GBV and 9th at CRs.  Most other places say they are at capacity.  Then this morning we were pawing through the classifieds on facebook groups and saw this.  We texted it to momma right away.  She messaged the seller and even though they typically don't allow dogs they saw how well loved and cared for we are and said they would meet with momma and might make an exception.  OH MY DOG!  

Its too perfect.  Very cozy...partially furnished.  Great neighborhood

 Fully fenced small yard.  


Private alley parking. 

I mean we literally can see ourselves in the yard. And with a little help from photoshop you can too!

With all that being said momma has a meeting with Mrs N later today.  It would mean draining the savings to hold this apartment till our other apartment lease is up but would totally be worth it.  

7-15-2021  Well right after the last update momma took the afternoon off to go meet with Mrs N.  The moment she arrived she felt welcome.  They walked straight through the house out to the apartment.  Momma went through the gate and instantly knew it was perfect and hadn't even seen the inside of the apartment yet.  Once inside she was hit with a big blast of cold air.  The place was well insulated and the small ac unit was pumping out super cold air.  Momma described it as cozy, clean and would fit our needs perfectly.  Momma had a gut feeling this is where we were supposed to move and asked right then and there if she could sign a lease.  Mrs N said they just needed to go over fine details with Mr N to get the approval. Momma explained her living situation, the care she provides for us, and  her job situation.  He was satisfied and said if Momma brought the deposit in today we can officially move in AUGUST 1ST!  Thats 2 weeks away!!!!!! Momma agreed and literally floated back out to the car.  She then came home snatched us up as seen here in our security cam. 

We made a bee line for Doggy Nannys house to discuss the whole thing and momma wanted to make sure she was making a wise decision.  We still have 3 months left on our lease and it would make money tight.  Doggy nanny and grandpa both think it was a good decision and offered to help us out with finishing the lease at the H complex while we get moved in and settled in our new place.  God sure did bless us with awesome grandpawrents!  So off to the bank we went to retrieve the money.  Side note Mr and Mrs N both agreed that with the great care momma gives us that there was no need for a puppy deposit.  Which to move in to any other apartment puppy deposits would be 200-500 per pet so that in itself is a huge blessing.

We took Doggy Nanny and Grandpa with us to see the apartment.  They loved the yard too!  Doggy Nanny said the apartment was small but if momma would be happy downsizing it would a good place.  Meanwhile momma signed the lease.

Paid the deposit.

And made it fb official.

Later that night we drove around the new neighborhood to see how "busy" it was.  The only people we saw out were walking dogs.  We saw a small fluffy dog, a shepherd mix, and a husky puppy.  It was so quiet.  We may or may not have drove down the alley and checked out the back yard.....

...Kidding we totally did.  The MM fits back there nicely.  We will have locked gates, motion sensor light, and private parking.  Mr and Mrs N said only one neighbor currently has puppies and guess what breed they are??!!!???! CHIHUAHUAS!  Literally Poppy's kind of people.  BOL!

Now begins the process of down sizing even more than we initially thought.  But momma wants us to become "minimalist" which is ok with us.  We will be romping in our back yard who needs "Stuff".  Now that its official I guess we will publish this blog and any new moving content will have its own post.  So heres to moving and to backyards!



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