Saturday, July 17, 2021

Take Your Dogs To Work Day (Literally)

 As you know from yesterdays post mommas boss was on vacation and we got to go to work with her.  First things first we checked out dispatch and....

...gave it a good ol' sniff.

Miss Peg told us stories about the Water Dept and how everything worked.

Thank you Miss Peg for the history lesson.

Lucy checking out the files.

After dispatch we went out to momm's desk and got a lesson on the handheld radios.


With my first successful transmission on the radio Peg dubbed me the new utilities dispatcher.  

Meanwhile Poppy was putting in work orders for the crews.  

Lucy we have a possible main leak on Lake Park Dr.  Get it out to any available crew STAT!

Seems my new utilities dispatcher got distracted by the supervisor.

Good grief 1st day on the job and kissing up to the supervisors.  

I know everything Mr C has done to momma and I kept my eye on him. we have an emergency turn off or in work lingo and ETO.  Lucy do we have a crew available?

Lucy?  Where are you?

Lucy get up off the floor and get on the radio.  We have service request to give out!!!

Man what a great morning spent with momma and her co workers down at Water Distribution.  Hope we can do it again some time.


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