Friday, July 2, 2021

Hotter' N Heck!!!

 OH my DOG!  Here in Texas that sun has been beating down hard on us.  Mid-late june was simply miserable!!!  Grocery pick ups looked like this....

Drives through the country club to squirrel hunt looked like this....

During the hot hot hot...ERCOT (the company that manages electricity delivery) said Texans should conserve energy by raising the thermostats.  78 while home, 85 when away and 82 to sleep.  We start melting if the temps in the apartment are above aint gonna work.

We weren't the only Texans mad about this change.  Memes were everywhere with outrage.  These are our two faves!!!!

Then as June came to a close the rains began.  It cooled us off into the upper 70's on some days and the low 80's on others.  

Even if we don't particularly like rain it was a welcome sight!!!!!

Walmart furiends I am back in action and ready to give kisses!!!!

The sun has since returned with full force.  



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