Monday, July 12, 2021

Baby Shower

 We were invited to a baby shower for our cousin.  The night before we got the gift packed and an outfit picked out.  

We are on the road!

Quick pit stop for Doggy Nanny.  I people watched.  Many suspicious people entered and exited the store.  They received borks for their suspicious behavior.

We have arrived!

Ooh cuppy cakes!  My favorite!  Aunt Brenda made sure I received my fair share.  

Look at all the decorations!!!

We signed the guest book and left notes of encouragement for mom-to-be.

All too soon the festivities were over and we packed up and headed for home.

Congrats to the mom and dad to be!  We cant wait to meet Legend.


PS: The furry next day on FB memories look what popped up.  It was angel Mollie wearing the same dress.  It was meant to be!  As momma said some things change but some things stay the same!

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