Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tags From Avalon Crafts

Etsy is the most amazing place on the internets.

When momma redid our tags we went online in search of a "non-jingling" or non metal tag.  For when we get new rabies from the new vet clinic (which will not have our names/phone number) going forward.  We didn't want to be replacing tags often due to metal on metal wear or risk having them unreadable in the even (knock on wood) we got lost.  We found nothing in rubber/silicone that was the right size or price for us.  Then we found leather tags.  Again we had a hard time finding any in the US that were a good size for petite puppers and a good price.  So we broadened our search to include overseas sellers.

And found Avalon Cafts page, an etsy store based in Singapore.  Oh my dog!  Leather tags, waterproof coating, perfect price, small shipping fee, and designs that are out of this world!  We searched and searched and finally found a design that was just right for us.   Once ordered Avalon Crafts pupdated their IG while working on our tags.  Which is just too cool that we got to see our tags in process.

Being painted.


Our tags were even featured in an etsy listing.  :)


Literally a week after shipping and 2 weeks after ordering they arrived.

All collared up they look even more fantastic.

The rainbow design on the gray base makes them coordinate perfectly with our current tags and collars.

On the back we asked the seller to choose a cute phone design and they blew us away! A phone with a paw print text bubble.  Seriously adorable!!!!

We did catch them on sale and have a paypal coupon but even without these tags range from $7-$15 depending on size, design and double sided personalization.  Which is less than the engraving machines at your local pet store.

We chose the 3cm size because we wanted a larger image and name on the front.  However for smaller pups they have tags as tiny as 1cm.  For those curious 3cm is the average size for most homeagain/rabies/city license tags.  Only ever so slightly thicker.  They fit in line quite nicely.  Also they are very lightweight.  We couldn't even really feel a difference in collar weight with it on.

From a 14 lb Poodle.... an 8 lb Chinese Crested they are a perfect fit.

We both highly recommend Avalon Crafts for your id tag needs.  The seller is FANTASTIC with communication, has AMAZING art skills, and a FINE attention to detail.

Lucy and Poppy


Friday, July 26, 2019

Impart Your Wisdom On Me O Wise One

Impart Your Wisdom On Me O Wise One.

I'm Listening.

hrmph!  All she has on her mind is treats. Carry on!


Thursday, July 25, 2019

Is It Just Me?

Or does anyone else see the resemblance between my sis fur and a feisty pet?


Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Best Photo Ever

When you catch side eye, pink tongues, and a yawn all in one shot.  Its simply the best photo ever!

Lucy & Poppy

Monday, July 22, 2019

Triple Digit Temps

Its getting hot here in Texas!  Tongues are constantly wagging on the way home.  Even Poppy's!

We have hit triple digits in the afternoons.  Yuck!

Lucy & Poppy

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Feelin Frisky

Some times I feel so frisky I nibble on the chair

When Doggy Nanny says "No Lucy" I get all sad n cute!

Then go back to what I was doin.

You can't stop a frisky poodle girl!

Ok Gracie wanna play chase?


Friday, July 19, 2019

Best Seat in the House

My couch, my window and my pillow.  This is the best seat in Doggy Nanny's house. 


Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Drive Home From Daycare

Goes much the same every day. 

 Im all smiles when that cold ac his my furry self.  Ahh!

Here is why.  Its been in the upper 90's when momma picks us up.

Then as I lay down to rest so does Poppy.  I am her chin-ny rest.  Its a big sisfurs job to take care of the little sisfur.


***SHHH Don't wake her please***

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Therapy Dog Thursday

Recently the temps have been quite...well...just plain hot!  In an effort to keep the house cool Grandpa decided to scoot the house back a bit to get more shade coverage and had a little fall.  I told him I would help...I am small but I am strong!  He ended up in the people hospital for a few days.  He hurt his ribs and lungs pretty bad.  When he came home I thought this would be the perfect time to practice my Therapy Dog skills and see if this is something I would like to train for in the future.  Heres how it went.

A grandpa and his poodle in total comfort-ness.  I do declare this was quite fun!  Definitely on my future train list.  Momma says I have a long way to go before we could consider it but this will keep me motivated.

Pee-Ess to a special reader: Get Well Soon! 

*Future Therapy Dog*

**Currently freelancing if you would like a visit private message me and we will work it out. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

One Year With Poppy

One year with Poppy, has been amazing, for Lucy and I both.  I love how every morning I wake up tell the girls its time to get the day started and Poppy gets up on my pillow and does her pterodactyl yawn.  The moment I get home from work or we get back from day care she runs around the apartment crying for supper like shes been starved.  She patiently stalks Lucy for what ever toy she has at the moment or me for my socks.  She is always down for cuddle time and nap time.  And no matter if I am gone 1 minute or 1 day she is all wags and kisses when I return.  Sometimes I even get a toothy smile.  Shes everything I wanted in a dog and a chinese crested.  I still don't know how I got so lucky!   

Onto current stuff...
For a while now Poppy and I have been working on tricks for her TKN.  I had been a bit, erm, well, less than proactive about getting out some props.    However she had been doing well on the tricks we had been practicing.  I contacted an evaluator and almost had a date set.  Then I pulled out those 2 props to refresh her on them.  Poppy has developed a fear of going in her kennel and jumping through the hoop.  Sadly I cancelled and the evaluator was very understanding.  We are now working on all tricks now, like we should have been.   So that is where we are on TKN for Poppy.

We are also working on some behavioral issues.  For a while now (since getting my new job and having new hours) we are out when "normal" people are out.  So we run into neighbors more often.  Unfortunately I have seen an increase in Poppy's fearful barking and lunging.  I have been trying to work with her on redirecting.  Its working to a point. 
Who me?

However sometimes situations come up and don't go as well.  Like before day care reopened, I had both dogs out on leash during lunch.  I was trying to get a poop bag out of the holder when the maintenance man walked up the side walk ( I was in the grassy area behind the apartment) and Poppy saw him before I did.  She lunged and I wasn't prepared for it thus dropping her leash.  She ran up to him hollering like wild banshee.  Thankfully he didn't seem bothered and just picked up her leash and walked her back to me.  Shes also had a couple of incidences where people want to pet her and she nips to make them go away.  Not a bite,  just a little warning nip.  Again we are working on this issue too with redirecting.

It still makes me sad that she is so scared of someone coming up to her that she feels she needs to act this way.  Improvements I have seen are when people ignore her and allow her come up to them.  Its a less threatening situation in Poppys mind and all is well.  She will sniff people or just simply walk away.  

I will end this with saying we are a work in progress as a team and I literally wouldn't trade her for anything.  Other than that she is my spunky, sneaky, sweet pup that loves to cuddle and give kisses! Which is what I need in my life! 

-Katie the Momma

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

My Kind of F-U-N!

Nothing says fun quite like diving head first into the dog bed full of toys and knocking them out one by one.  

Then I sneak attack a few sole survivors from the opposite side!

What is this?!?!  Move Sis-fur!

Inspecting the wreckage.

My work here is done!

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Monday, July 8, 2019

Getting Picked Up For Doggy DayCare


Bursts of joy when we hear the key in the lock.

Excited jumps when the door knob turns.

Doggy Nanny!  We have been waiting for you!

Coming in for the pick up...

And we have lift off!

Hi Ho...Hi Ho...Its off to Day Care we GO!!!

Lucy N Poppy