Friday, July 5, 2019

My Furriest Ever!

Momma says I am at my fuzziest ever.  My eyes are slowly disappearing.  And don't mind the creepy photo bomber its not a ghost...its Poppy.

On the way to the groomer we drove past a big water main leak mommas crews have been working for weeks.  She saw the hole and was shocked.  They really did mean the WHOLE intersection.  BOL if I wasn't needing my furs cut I would have stopped for a play session.  Look at all dat dirt!

I was so happy to see Miss Pat.  She is the best!  Poppy was sad to leave me.

Don't cry Ill be back soon.

All too soon my day at the salon was done.  The groomers tattled on me that I was  a bit of a handful.  Actually they said I was down right "fiesty".  Momma said "isn't she always like that", they said no, usually i'm quite pleasant.  Momma couldn't help but laugh.  I'm always "fiesty" fur her.  Then as they were tattling on me I was in my kennel just about ready to bust a gut ready to go see Poppy I even chewed on my collar and kennel card to get their attention.  Come on people I have spent a whole day away from my sisfur!  Lets go!

POPPY!  Bitey face please!


Oh no she smells my perfume.  She will be sniffing me all afternoon now.

Hrfmp!  Will not!

Ok kisses time!

I really did miss you Lucy!

 Miss Pat gave me a pretty purple bow.  I modeled it for momma when we got home.

Its a great color that compliments me furs!

Ahh! I feel fabulous all shaved down and fluffed up!

Just look at my bracelets!



  1. Oh wow, Lucy, you look so purty! Those bracelets are super fashionable. And a PURPLE bow!!! That's the best color of all!

  2. You look fabulous Lucy. Millie is a bit jealous she can't have bracelets like you do.

  3. Lucy, you look so wonderful after your haircut. Very stunning bracelets. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a great weekend.
    World of Animals