Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Yearly Vaccine Appointment

Where are we?

The vet?  This isn't my vet! But thats besides the point....Didn't I just get vaccines like exactly one year ago?  Literally 7-2-18?

Momma explained that due to some "issues" with our other clinic we were going to try out a new one  and see how things go.  If all goes well we will fully move over to this clinic.  Plus this clinic comes highly recommended by a furiend Daily Dose of Douglas so they have to be legit if Douglas gave them the paws up.  As to my other question momma said that my distemper/parvo and kennel cough boosters are due yearly.  However, since we are in the great state of TX rabies is only due every three years so I only have to get one pokie and one oral vaccine.

Upon entering momma got me checked in.  Easy peasy.  She already dropped off my records so they had me in the system and knew what I needed. 

I got right to checking on all the smells.

I said hello from across the room to the pomeranian in the crate.  He seems to be quite calm.  Thats a good sign.

Oh snap apples I hear peoples talking just around the corner.

I retreated to the safety of mommas arms.  Then they came out and called for "Poppy".  Nope no Poppy here I'm Lucy. 

They didn't buy it.  So off to the exam room I went.  I was placed upon the table and guess what.  The table automatically weighs you and tells the tech.  Seriously this clinic is like super technologically advanced!  If you are wondering without my mat I am a perfect 8.6 lbs. 

The tech then said she would record my weight in my chart and let the dogtor know I am ready.  Oh snap apples I almost forgots I was here for vaccines. 

Momma are you really sure I needs yearly vaccines?

While we waited for the Dogtor we looked around the room.  They have quite a nice informative display here.

Lots of sharp things over here.

Wait just a minute....what does that display say?

5.8 pounds?!?!  My diaper bag weighs almost as much as I do! 

The door knob is turning.....Hold me momma!

Today I got to see Dr. Pruitt.  He is a furry nice man.  He went slowly wif me.  He let me sniff his hands before he touched me and let me "check" out the  stethoscope before listening to my heart/lungs.  Which he said sounded perfect!  Best of all he let momma hold and comfort me when I got my pokie.  Which made me feel so much better.  Although I seriously could have done without the oral kennel cough it tasted horrible.  Eck!   I've had dead bugs that tasted better.  Once we got to the car I was finally able to check out my pokie site.  It looks ok.

Sadly momma wouldn't let me shred the reciept...something about needing proof of vaccines...blah blah blah.

So I stole and shredded an old bahama buck umbrella.  It comforted me to do so.

We stopped and got chicken nuggets fur lunch and the nice window lady gave me a milk bone.  Just what I needed.  Thank you!

After that I passed out.


Edit by the momma: From making the appointment to getting checked in the receptionists were friendly and helpful.  Once in the exam room the veterinarian went over what Poppy was due for and asked if we had any concerns. Quickly got her yearly vaccines and we were done.  Over all wait time was minimal.  I am very pleased with the service I received and the extra care given to Poppy.  She is fearful of people but Dr. Pruitt took time to let her sniff everything and make sure she was ok with what we were doing.  That meant a lot.  Thank you Simmons and Harlan Vet Clinic!

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  1. Pokies are no fun, but it's better than getting sick! You were so brave, Poppy.