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Welcome!  My name is Lucy and my passion is doing scent work with my momma.  We started classes in the spring of 2019 and in the fall of 2019 I attended my first  AKC trial.  I Q'ed and placed in 5 of 6 runs.  

We finished our second class in late 2019.  We can't wait to attend the 2021 trial!  Below are all my blogs about scent work.  Its fun to look back on our adventures and review our basics for training purposes.  

What is in my Scent Work Kit

My Other Scent Work Gear

Coming Soon: Pupgrades for Trial 2021

Baking Our Q-Tips
Let's Bake

Scent Work Classes
Beginner Week 1

Beginner Week 2

Beginner Week 3

Beginner Week 4

Beginner Week 5

Beginner Week 6

Beginner Week 7

Beginner Week 8

Beginner Week 9

Intermediate Week 1

Intermediate Week 2

Intermediate Week 3

Intermediate Week 4

Intermediate Week 5

Intermediate Week 6

Intermediate Week7/8

Scent Work Practice

Practicing Exteriors

Making Mini Buried Containers

Issues with Buried

Working With Buried Scent (Tea Infuser Vessel)

Adding Hides

First AKC Trial
Trial Day 1

Trial Day 2.

Watch Me Search

Ribbons and SCN Certificate

Important Message During the Trial

Second AKC Trial
Coming Jan 2021

Supplies Used:

Tins, jars, oils, and stickers are from The K-9 Nose  They are a small business and have EXCELLENT customer service.  Shipping is quick and everything is packed well to ensure no breakage of glass items.

Tweezers, gloves, and q tips are from  These need to be dedicated to this hobby so they can be the cheap versions.  I paid $1-$2 each.

Clear travel scent work case (to hold oil tins for practice) is from walmart in the fishing dept.  "".

Ammo Can (black airtight case) came from Harbor Freight.

Decals (tie dye scent work and pink poodle) came from Sew Dog Crazy

Handler Discrimination clear airtight case is from Walmart.  "Outdoor Products Small Watertight Case Box" (for cellphones or valuables at the beach/pool).  I added a laminated card in the bottom for our info and labeling purposes.  

If you are starting out in Scent Work and found my page, I wish you all the luck on this fun adventure.  Its been a blast working wif momma on finding that scent source!


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