Sunday, May 12, 2019

OTCWF - Beginner Scent Work - Week 7

Week 7 I hopped upon the dash board to let momma know I was ready for class.

We worked on "interiors" in the mirror room.  Focusing on rewarding at the source (receiving a treat from the pawrent after we found the scent not self rewarding with treats on our tin) and staying at source (not wandering off but keeping our interest/focus on the source).

This week Miss Martha caught one of my "behavior changes".  I am pawing at the tin on my interiors searches.  Momma was so focused on making sure she clicked at the right time and dispensing treats, she totally missed my first one.  On subsequent searches she was watching and caught it though.  I am very soft with pawing which is good because "disturbing the search area" can be a NQ.  NQ means no ribbon.  :( I shall practice being soft. I can do it!

Then we moved to containers.  We are up to 6 boxes now with totally hidden scent.  Same rules apply here too of rewarding at the source and staying with the source. 

Off to the side in the above photo you can see Kita, my labbie friend.  We got lots of play time together.  After I ran all my searches the intermediate class began to arrive.  My furiend Wolfie came and sat right by me.  I gave momma sad eyes in hopes she would ask his dad if we could play.


Aint he the cutest!?!?!?!

And look at his waggie tail!

All too soon it was time to go. I said my farewells and we headed to Doggy Nannys to retrieve Poppy.

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